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The Sprout Creek Farm Story

International Award Winning Cheese

Did you know about the International Award winning cheese made right here in the Hudson Valley at Sprout Creek Farm?

If you haven’t sampled it. I encourage you to go to one of Adams Fairacre Farms 4 locations, check your locally owned cheese shop or better yet…this summer go take a tour at the Poughkeepsie farm where the cheese is made.

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Bring a bottle of wine and some sandwiches and spend a relaxing afternoon on the farm for a picnic and take a tour of the entire cheese making process. Tours and Tastings are a great Cheese Experience at SCF.  The tours are on weekends and one hour long, $25 per person. We recommend you make the most of it bring some friends and make a summer party of it! Tours are given May through October.

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Perhaps you’ve already sampled Sprout Creek Farm Cheese in your favorite restaurant or at a Hudson Valley winery already! They distribute their cheese to over 50 local restaurants and many wineries in our area.


Every Friday night this season is Burger nite at SPC. There is live music and fun for the whole family. The weekly event kicks off at 5pm. So if your looking for a great local Hudson Valley activity for the family and enjoy live blue grass music this is the place to be. Check their social media and website for updates each week.

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The Cheese

There are several varieties. Some are made seasonally, some are made year round. They are all made on the farm from SCF small herd of cow or goat milk. Goat Milk cheese products are seasonal. Cow milk cheese is available year round.


Toussaint – Cows’ milk cheese with a distinctive Alpine flavor and a smooth tight texture, it becomes complex and peppery with age. Aged 5-7 months.

Kinkead  – Savory and sharp with a hint of pungency. Dense and creamy. Raw cows’ milk cheese, aged 6-8 months.

Bogart – Mold-ripened and aged 1 year, this raw cows’ milk cheese is semi-firm, big-bodied, open, and supple. A cheese that everyone, even a child loves.

Madeleine – AWARD WINNING raw goats’ milk cheese, though slightly goaty and salty and reminiscent of a pecorino in texture, is both delicate and herbaceous. Available from August- March. Aged 5-9 months.

Batch 35 – Savory smear-ripened raw cows’ milk cheese with a full scattering of eyes has an aromatic soft yellow paste, and a crisp coppery rind. Aged 2-4 months.

Eden – AWARD WINNING  Paprika colored rind covers a semi-soft pungent paste of golden yellow. This raw cows’ milk cheese hints of butterscotch and sweet apple. 2nd place winner, American Cheese Society. Aged 3-5 months.

Margie – AWARD WINNING Sporting a white bloomy rind, and smooth, creamy paste. This buttery little wheel has a clean and delicate flavor that showcases the natural flora our farmstead milk. Aged 4-8 weeks; made from pasteurized cows’ milk.

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Educational Farm

The purpose of SCF is to provide educational experiences for children and adults that will foster appreciation for and understanding of our place within the natural world and encourage responsibility for the future of our environment.

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SCR offers programs that will reconnect people to the rich agricultural heritage of the United States. They offer an EXPERIENCE of COMMUNITY as a MODEL of PEACEFUL LIVING. These programs are in SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, using AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES of the Farm as both setting and a starting point.


Day Programs Boys & Girls age 6-11

Sleepover Programs Girls  10-16

Enrollment is limited to give each child maximum contact with animals and individual attention from staff. Groups bake in fully equipped kitchen, participate in animal chores and work in organic garden.

Saturday Programs – Boys & Girls Age 6-11

Seasonal programs. Spring Brings new life and baby calves and goats as well as seed planting, baking and animal care.

In Fall, as harvest comes to a close, students learn how to put the garden to rest for the winter, can fruits and vegetables and turn tomatoes into sauce.



Sponsor a Child or Program – It’s Tax deductible

Call or email Sprout Creek Farm directly or help sponsor a child or program. SCR works with Network for Good where you can designate a “Camper scholarship”. Your gift is tax deductible.

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Sprout Creek Farm is a 200 year old working farm in Dutchess County. The SCF story began 1982, in Connecticut where a group of three school teachers searched for a way to expand a girls values and create responsibility at a girls school. in 1987, farm administrators were approached by the estate of Elise Kinkead, a long time resident of Poughkeepsie and after a period of negotiation, Miss Kinkead’s WOODFORD FARM in Lagrange was donated to the Society of the Sacred Heart to be operated as Sprout Creek Farm.

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Brownie, Girls Scout troops and other ongoing reservations made it possible to develop more comprehensive programs. Today, some 2500 children visit SCF during the school year. After school, weekend and summer programs are available! To find out more and enhance your childs spiritual and learning skills contact SCF today and find out about their programs.


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Photos By Melissa Tyler

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