IPA’s, Cider + Wine That’s Grand Cru in Rhinebeck


In Rhinebeck, there’s a place the locals like to gather for good craft beer it’s called Grand Cru Beer & Cheese Market. Known as a bottle and tap room it will be celebrating their 6th year Anniversary in June.  Alicia Lenhart and Rod Johnson will celebrate their 4th anniversary as owners on June 11th with a celebration event!



Double IPA’s are the #1 craft beer served at Grand Cru, followed by IPA’s, Stouts Sours, Porters, Lager’s and Ales, plus ciders and wine. The tap room has 16 taps which is a great variety for the Hudson Valley. They have a cold  room downstairs where they keep the kegs so that gives them the flexibility to serve the volume of beers they do. Plus, they also have a healthy retail selection of over 200 cold bottled beers that you can sip and chat with friends or take to go.


Grand Cru is a proud supporter of the local craft breweries in the Hudson Valley. With nearly 40 in an hour and a half travel radius, there are plenty to bring in on tap or in cans and bottles. The talent and what is being produced is impressive. The inventory reflects the local craft brewery in a big way.


This is the local place where everyone knows each other and if you don’t they will make you feel comfortable coming anyway.  Locals and weekenders frequent the tap room and of course the tourists flock here as well.


We sat with owner Rod and his wife Alicia and talked craft beer and learned some hard statistics. Three craft breweries are opening per day in the United States.  Rod tells us that the number of craft  breweries are just now equaling the same amount of breweries that existed at the start of probation. Considering, there are so many more people in the country now and the demand is less than the supply.  Plus, another reason for the growth of craft beer is becasue the millennial generation grew up with their parents drinking craft beer so it’s their natural go-to choice.

18Cheese + Charcuterie Boards


This is a Must do! The cheese and Charcuterie boards are made from local cheeses. Many are from  R&G, Adirondack Cheese and Sprout Creek Farm. Besides the cheese boards, bread and pretzels served are made locally in Kingston by Deising Bakery.

13 This is the place you go to have a few drinks and a snack before dinner or a few drinks after dinner. You’ll find a a well curated selection of craft beers bought from seven distributors. Plus a great wine selection that includes local favorites from Millbrook Winery as well as National and International selections that change seasonally.


Hosting Events + Live Music + Art Exhibits

The Grand Cru Tasting Team Series offers  Complementary Tasting Events once a month on Thursday from 5-8pm. The GCTT  is offered about every 3 weeks where they invite a brewery and you can taste five or 6 beers that evening on tap.

Grand Cru Rhinebeck

Two  Saturday evenings a month the taproom features live music by Hudson Valley singer songwriters. The lights are dimmed, the candles are lit and there’s a completely different vibe than during the afternoon. Local artists also have monthly art exhibits.


The HVStory says if you have not visited this craft beer tap room, you should make plans  now! Be sure to order the Charcuterie Board and you are probably gonna want to take home a growler or two, too! 23

Follow Grand Cru on Facebook to get all their event announcements + on Instagram for NEW tap alerts and other news!

Photos By Melissa Tyler

Elissa Davidson Photography

Wedding Season is Here!

Elissa Davidson Photography

Spring has Sprung + Summer is on the way! One thing for sure is the wedding bells will be ringing!  The Hudson Valley Story is featuring our 2nd Wedding Story this time with

Elissa Davidson Photography

Elissa Davidson has been photographing weddings, portraits and family events in the Hudson Valley  + beyond for a dozen years.  This well known area photographer has a Bachelors of Science in Art and a Masters in Art Therapy. Before she was a photographer she was a therapist working with all types of people.  That is what seems to give her the ability to really get to know and understand her clients on a deeper level. She likes to make each photo session unique to each client. Elissa Davidson Photography

Although she works  mostly in the Hudson Valley she has done weddings in New York City, New Jersey and Long Island. Then there are the Destination Weddings  that include Philadelphia, Newport, Napa Valley and The Netherlands.  She had an incredible experience photographing a couple in The Netherlands for their engagement at Keukenhoff Gardens. Her Dream Destination Wedding is to photograph a wedding in Scotland on the romantic green hillsides with a castle.

Elissa Davidson Photography

Favorite Stories

Elissa Davidson Photography

“When I work with the same family more than once, it’s amazing because they know what to expect and how I work. They trust me to create a timeline that maximizes their time with family and friends. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph three siblings weddings in one family, as well as portraits, extended family and a newborn to the family.” She calls her work rewarding to have people come to you, in trust knowing that you’ll take care of them. 

Elissa Davidson Photography

Family Portraits

Family Portraits take many forms, from maternity + newborn to yearly family portraits. Elissa enjoys seeing the same kids every year as they grow. They also become more familiar with her and the in-studio or outdoor experience. “I love seeing the couples grow into families and the families grow!”

Elissa Davidson Photography


EID Photography does every type of portraits including the occasional head shot and some non-profit events. Most are done in a documentary lifestyle way that she has become known for. Newborn sessions in particular are not posed. They are natural moments with the baby and family.

 To find out more about booking your wedding + family portraits
   Elissa Davidson Photography

Advice For Brides

Get To Know Your Wedding Photographer. “I encourage engagement sessions so that couples I work with are familiar with my style.” Your Wedding is a long day. It’s important that the couple and the photographer are on the same page about how the day will go and create a timeline. You want the couple to enjoy their cocktail hour and reception by mingling with friends and family.

Elissia Davidson Photography All Photos By Elissa Davidson Photography
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Underground Coffee & Ales

Highland Coffee & Ales Pub A Big Attraction

Underground Coffee & Ales

The Research

Coffee and Craft Beer are a winning combination at Underground Coffee & Ales in Highland. The Coffee Pub which opened October 2015, is the unique brainchild of Erin and Jeremy Intonti.

How do you combine coffee + beer? The answer is simple. The Highland couple live close to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Walkway over the Hudson and like to walk the two parks on a regular basis. One thing led to another and Erin liked the idea of combining a place that you could get a coffee and a bite to eat. The couple are craft beer enthusiasts and that’s how they combined the two.

Erin & Jeremy

The couple who are the original founders of the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival on the Beacon waterfront spent years researching craft beer. They did their homework by visiting breweries, craft beer festivals and other craft beer pubs. They may call themselves “beer nerds” but there’s nothing nerdy about the brand they are building.



Stop by for breakfast Thursdays thru Sunday from 9 am – 11:30 am and you’ll find menu selections like the Rail Trail Sandwich which includes fresh eggs, mixed greens, Parmesan cheese + avocado on a Brioche roll. A Caboose Sandwich includes fresh eggs, sausage, sharp cheddar, salsa + avocado on a Brioche roll. Buttermilk flapjacks, homemade Belgium waffles with fresh fruits, pastries are also just some of the menu options and of course we haven’t talked about the coffee.


Coffee + More

Underground serves a large selection of coffees that are made locally in the Hudson Valley in Tarrytown by Coffee Lab Rosters. They serve 9 latte’s, cappuccino, espresso,  iced coffee’s, ice latte’s, cappuccino latte’s, chai latte’s and Harney & Son’s Tea. This place is a coffee lovers dream!


The Beers

Underground Coffee & Ales is more an Artisianal beer and concept pub. They serve 10 craft taps that rotate almost daily. This is the unique experience that customers like as well. This destination pub brings it’s patrons new experiences. It truly is an adventure going as the beer you may have had yesterday, is not guaranteed tomorrow. But, that is what is popular in the whole craft beer trend. Small batches are made and the changing taps almost daily guarantee freshness!


Bet You Can’t Taste Just One

Options, options, options! That’s what you’ll find. Not sure what you want, ask for a sample. The underground features seasonal and hard to find beers and ciders from the Hudson Valley as well as all over New York. One and Done, not quite; but today people are into UNIQUE and One-Off’s that breweries make in small batches.


Beer Flight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, Beer Flights are the way to go! It’s part of the whole Craft Beer experience. Tasting several types of beer light and dark, mixing and matching and finding out what your favorites are. That combined with a great pub menu of soups, cheese board, burgers, apple onion sausage sandwich, grilled pesto & mozzarella chicken sandwich and we can personally say the best black bean burger we ever had.


Art + Music


Live Music + Entertainment is available several times per week and it’s best to check the Underground Facebook page for daily + weekly updates. The day we were there was the opening exhibit of  Jeffrey Anzivino’s phototography and he also played a set with his band mates

5 Whether your a local, traveling from somewhere in the Hudson Valley, a weekender or a tourist to the area, Underground Coffee & Ales is a stop you will want to make.

Why You Should Visit!

This coffee pub has craft beer that rotates their taps almost daily. The beer is brewed in small batches so it’s big on flavor. They support local brand coffee’s, teas, beer + music and are conveniently close to the Rail Trail and Walkway Over the Hudson.


Photos By Melissa Tyler

Kwirky Kakes baked by area favorite baker

Birthday, Wedding + Special Occasion Cakes

Kwirky Kakes 9 Barbie Cake

Linda Cronk has been baking cakes since she was a teenager. A descendant of the Huguenots that founded New Paltz, she started baking at 13 and began decorating cakes for family events at 15. She and her sister had always wanted to open a bakery.  As a student in Arlington, she took every food class they taught and won an award for excellence in baking. She also took a Wilton class while working in the food service business.Kwirky Kakes Wonderland Bridal Shower cake

In 1992, she began working at the Pastry Garden in Poughkeepsie. She started as a sales girl and worked her way up to head decorator. Being mostly self-taught she says she had some excellent teachers along the way. She’s also taught Wilton classes as well.

Qwirky KAkes 8 Chocolate Wedding cake

After baking for more than 30 years, she recently left The Pastry Garden to start her own home business Qwirky Kakes. Her goal is to eventually have a storefront location. She’s also working on a website, but in the meantime you can find her through facebook  

Qwirky Kakes 4 Monster High Cake

She bakes cakes for all occasions from birthday to wedding and special occasions. Her favorite cake was a team effort with her husband.  He created a working carousel stand and Linda went on to decorate it with horses. The cake on top was a stack of whimsical circus animals. She loved it so much that she features it on her business card.

FullSizeRender (12)

Another favorite was a very lifelike looking trout. She has done everything from buildings to castles, cars, trucks, motorcycles and a lot of animals. Everyone says her cakes taste as good as they look and that no one ever wants to cut them. Freshness and quality are key!

Qwirky Kakes 1 baby jungle shower cake

Creating a custom cake starts with ideas from the customer. A lot of the times it comes from photos  that someone saw online and Linda tweaks the specifics and the flavors. Whether it’s a bride looking for a wedding cake or someone looking for a birthday or shower cake a lot of her customers come to her with inspiration from photos they have seen online. After years of experience baking Linda is confident in handling special requests and making recommendations.

Kwirky Cakes 6 Jaws Bday Cake

Being a part of people’s special events is important to Linda. “It’s great to see kids grow up and be a part of their milestones. I consider it to be a privilege.”  Fundraisers are also an important aspect of her business.  She recently participated as part of a cake sale raffle to raise funds for a good friend struggling with cancer. The fundraiser was very successful.  Kwirky Kakes has been involved with Calvary Chapel Christian Nursery School for the last 14 years and Linda enjoys seeing the happy young faces and working with them. People love to get goodies from bake sales and are very generous. Plus getting to talk to the community and being involved is something important.

Qwirky KAkes 11 stars cake

Delivery of the cakes is an important matter as well. Some people want them delivered while others like to transport them. Depending on the situation, time of year, temperature, distance and humidity, it’s all something that Qwirky Kakes is mindful of.  Linda has also earned the title of Cake Doctor as sometimes people have called upon her services to fix cakes she has not even made or when others have choose to transport a cake.

Qwirky Kakes 3 Birthday Cake

 Do you know someone having a birthday or special occasion coming up?  It’s best to get on the Qwirky Kakes calendar early.

All Photos By Qwirky Kakes



Donna Davies Halloween Queen + Author dabbles in Pottery too!

I have known Donna Davies for eight years, We met when I co-created a tourism magazine and reached out to her to submit  editorial content on her passion; all things Halloween and her website Hudson Valley Halloween Magazine ! Since then, she has written a handful of children’s books , co-produced Halloween parades in Dutchess County, written numerous online pieces, decorates like a mad-woman for Halloween and somewhere along the line had time for her new passion pottery!

Donna Davies Celadonna Studio

The Beginning

When you are thinking of starting a new creative project, it sometimes takes a while to get going.  There are moments when you have a vision of how you are going to do something.  You even picture the successful outcome and you catch yourself doing a little happy dance while driving in the car.  But guess what?  Sometimes you NEVER do that great creative idea! I think many artistic people go through this and I know there are more times than I  care to admit that I  have personally dropped  the ball or let go of why I should do something. That changed  for me this year and I take comfort from friends like Donna Davies who choose to constantly grow, change and delve into a new artistic project.    Donna Davies Celadonna Pottery


Donna has always been artistic.  She had been told you can’t support yourself on an artist’s income. But after receiving her BA Degree, she was looking for something to fulfill the needs of the right side of her brain. She took a few classes at Rhinbeck Pottery and was hooked.

Although she had limited free time, she set up a home studio and devoted her off-time to practicing her new craft. Of course, in the beginning she admits she wasn’t very good. Pottery is an art form that takes patience and practice. So she researched the possibilities, became more intrigued with the endless applications and  techniques of working with clay. She says ” Ceramics is no longer your grandmother’s hobby and certainly not limited to paint your own pottery shops”.

Donna Davies Caladonna Studio

Cape Cod Influence

Cape Cod is a mecca for pottery and Donna took workshops at Castle Hill with Chandra Debuse who is gaining quite a reputation for herself in the ceramics industry. Snow Farm in Massachusetts is another amazing place to retreat to and a couple of hours away from the Hudson Valley. A lot of her off-time is spent looking for pottery workshops on the east coast where she meets the most amazing people.  She says “when she is immersed in making pottery nothing else exists”.  She is now taking an online pottery course with Diana Fayt who she calls an amazing artist who transitions her drawings into clay. In the Hudson Valley she likes the classes at Art Centro and is working toward her dream trip to spend a month at Arrowmont in Tennessee.

Donna Davies Celadonna Studio

It’s All In The Name

“I remember my first dish like it was yesterday. It was a hot summer day. I was slicing up a juicy watermelon and placed it in a dish that I made myself. The caladon color of the dish brought out the pink of the watermelon. Hence the name of my studio, Caladonna Studio. A combination of my favorite glaze and my name”. Serendipity Indeed!

Donna Davies Celadonna StudioInfluences & Inspiration

Chandrea Debuse, Molly Hatch and Diana Fayt are her favorite potters. She loves how they blend the art of drawing and using clay as a medium to create something functional and appealing to the eye. She likes fun pottery which is functional and it carries as an inspiration for developing her own personal style which has taken her the past few years to figure out.

“I always have a sketch pad with me.  After spending 13 years working as the Director of Web Marketing at The Culinary Institute of America, it’s not  a surprise that food would play a role in what she creates. She is developing a line of pie plates.

Local antique shops and retro kitchen also inspire her craft. From cherry red and bright teal to kitschy advertising. Since her focus is on functional pottery, her work is starting to reflect the period of time when life was all baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. She even uses a retro kitchen table as her glaze table.

Donna Daives

Donna’s  3  Takeaways On Pottery

1. You can make pottery anywhere with tools you can find around your house.

2. Color….color….color! I love the multitude of colors and glaze availability.

3. I love the new friends I’ve made who have a love for clay.

To watch Donna’s progress follow her on Pinterest + Instagram

Her pottery website  Celadonna Studio is under construction so check back!

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Tuthill House at the Mill

More then 5 years ago I did a story on Tuthill House at the Mill for a local tourism publication and it was too long since I visited. This past Saturday, I enjoyed a delightful late lunch and cocktails while speaking with Lucia Civile; the Front House Manager and George Gorsky the General Manager.

Tuthill House 1 FWe knew that Ralph Erenzo and Brian Lee founders of Tuthilltown Spirits had purchased the restaurant.  We have featured Tuthill Distillery on THEHVStory last year. But, this was the first chance we had to actually experience the restaurant for ourselves. Here’s a word of advice, if you have not been to the restaurant make sure you get here soon, because it will become a fast favorite! Locals and tourists flock here for some of the freshest and unique cocktails made from spirits right here at the distillery! Unique, fresh cocktails, local farm to table dishes and great service is what you’ll experience.

Tuthill House 11

Grist Mill History

This rustic, historic restaurant makes fantastic food and cocktails using local products and infuses their signature line of spirits  in the cocktails and dishes they serve. Tuthilltown Spirits produces the Hudson Whiskey, Gin, Vodka and bitters.

The Tuthilltown Gristmill has a history as the oldest continuously operated water powered gristmill and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The original gristmill structure was constructed in 1788, by 18 year old Selah Tuthill. It was one of three gristmills that operated on the Shawangunk over the past 300 years. In the early 1980’s, the mill began grinding kosher matzoh flour which continued through 2003. The grist mill also produces it’s own Cacao Liqueur, Triple Sec and Cassis.

Tuthill House 12


We had heard  about the good food and fantastic cocktails served weekly to locals and tourists and couldn’t wait to find out for ourselves! The Tuthill House team filled us in. Lucia and George  are excited to announce that Jeremy Berlin a graduate of The French Culinary Institute in New York City will be the new Executive Chef. He is well seasoned chef that has worked in restaurants in New York City, Colorado and California. In addition, Tuthill House will launch a new menu this spring and will be working with many more local farms and companies as possible. The restaurant changes it’s menu seasonally.

Tuthill House 6


Our barman; Sean Davis recommended we try a Fresh Blackberry & Plum Gimlet. It included Half Moon Gin, fresh blackberries, plum bitters, fresh lime, simple syrup and egg white. It had a very unique berry taste that was very complimentary to the dishes I ordered. As I sipped my drink and watched Sean and my server Rachel make cocktails for other patrons, I knew I was in the presence of great mixologists. I’ve never had such fresh tasting cocktails and that’s because they are made fresh with the Tuthill Spirits brand. Patrick Pierpoint, the bar manager created  all the cocktails on the menu.

Tuthill House 19

Let’s Lunch

For lunch, I had the Roasted Mushroom Cakes and Roasted Apple Flat-bread. Both were incredibly delicious! The flavors were all so different but yet blended together so well with my cocktail!

Lunch is served from noon – 5pm on Saturday and Sundays and starting April 1st, they will be open every day except Wednesday. Other customer favorites include are classic and chorizo burgers, baked jalapeno bacon and mac n’ cheese.  Menu’s change seasonally, so we look forward to visiting again in Spring and Summer  when the outdoor deck will also be open.

Tuthill House 11


The evening really showcases the mood of this restaurant. The lighting, the music…their is a vibe to this restaurant that the customers enjoy. Even if it’s your first visit the friendly staff is known for making people feel welcomed and the ambiance is homey and comforting. Whether your sitting at the long copper bar or dining under beautiful crystal chandeliers with candles on the table. This restaurant exudes ambiance! Popular favorite dishes for dinner are Cauliflower Gratin for an appetizer, Braised Bison Short Ribs and Seared Salmon.

The restaurant will also be serving Sunday Brunch starting Easter Sunday. It is an al a cart menu with breakfast and lunch items, burgers, flat-breads and smoked items that feature an infusion with Tuthill brand liquors.

Tuthill House 14

Tasting Flights + Events + Weddings

Tasting Flights are available and they can be ordered different ways. You can choose a beer or wine flight or a Tuthill Spirits flight. This is where you can taste a selection of four different Tuthill spirits distilled from right here at the distillery.

Tuthill House 22

Customers and tourists both like the rustic historic decor, the post and beams, the old staircase and the decor and the history of what was the original grist mill. Tuthill is also known as a place to celebrate events and weddings. This year they will be bringing more events to the restaurant and the grounds that house the distillery. One popular event is the Sunflower Festival. Tuthill also accommodates banquets, weddings, luncheons, town and business meetings and more. You can  also inquiry to rent out the restaurant for an event. With over 30 acres to walk around no wonder this is a destination place in Gardiner!

Tuthill House 5

A variety of events are offered and more are coming this year including live music, arts, sip and paint events and more!

THEHVStory advises  you to experience this restaurant for the first time or all over again!

We might just be sitting at the bar next to you!

Photos By Melissa Tyler



THEHVStory President’s Day Cape Cod Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway

Hyannis Yacht Club

So last  weekend was the long President’s Day Weekend.  Oh, yes, it was Valentine’s Day too! So we got in the car and took a drive and did what we love!  We went to New England. More specifically, Cape Cod!
On our way we stopped at Wrentham Village Premium Outlets.  It has been our experience overall, that WVPR always has   the most enthusiastic and happy sales associates we have ever seen any where…well except maybe Nantucket. But that’s another story.

Wrentham Premium Outlets Tory Burch

Armani, Nautica, Ralph Lauren, Coach, Michael Kors and  one of favorite must do stops at Tory Burch.  Guess what? That pocketbook I have been dreaming about since last year in gold was now in silver and well YES, I had too!

Mashpee Commons 1Now, Here’s where I start entering my Happy Place!  Cape Cod and the Islands! A short 40 minutes drive from WVPO, remember it’s winter and I made my next stop Mashpee Commons. I LOVE Mashpee Commons too! They have some wonderful shops that are authentic New England like Maiden Voyage,  The Black Dog, Puritan Cape Cod, Vineyard Vines, Purple Poppy and Cupcake Charlies.

Cupcake Charlies Mashpee CommonsIf you do not know, in my opinion Cupcake Charlies has the BEST cupcakes I have ever had! My favorite is the Ultimate Chocolate and this weekend it was decorated for Valentine’s. Apparently, New England agrees with my taste as Cupcake Charlies has been consistently voted BEST Cupcakes in New England.  So of course after  the drive to the cape and all that shopping it’s time for dinner.

Roadhouse Cafe Hyannis


Roadhouse Cafe in Hyannis is a must. After more than 25 years of going out to the Cape and a year of living on the Cape I know all the best places to go!  Overall, many of the restaurants on Cape Cod and the Islands offer not only the best hospitality and service but the best food and presentation I have ever had. That Friday evening at the Roadhouse Cafe was no exception! By the way, the house salad dressing is so good, they bottle it and sell it locally on Cape Cod.

RoadHouse Cafe


Alison Caron Boot Camp

Saturday was Boot Camp day with Alison Caron Design Alison has not only been a friend of mine for many years, but I along with the rest of Cape Cod and the Islands and beyond have admired her work in numerous Cape Cod magazines for over a decade. While not designing for the Cape’s top companies like Cape Cod Beer, Alison won the 2015 Hermes  Creative Award from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals for an international business report. She’s involved in a whole lot more but that’s another story.

Pizza Barbone

Boot camp included lunch at my forever favorite pizza place on the cape Pizza Barbone IT was great to meet with new and old friends and talk about projects and the future. Earlier in the morning before Boot Camp we took a drive to Seagull Beach. What a surprise to see the snow drifted almost a foot high so sad to say we did not have our ocean beach walk. But, all the same it was great to just take it all in.

Seagull Beach

Saturday Night Dining

Bar at Yarmouth House Restaurant

How cool was it that Valentine’s and President’s Day combined to make a wonderful four day weekend! We dined at another favorite  Yarmouth House Restaurant  You can’t visit, yet alone live on Cape Cod for a year with out dining at one of our friends Ted Zambeli’s restaurants.  So good to see our friends that work here that once again provide great hospitality, service and delicious food. Presentation is key here as it is at some of other favorite restaurants in the area.

Yarmouth House Restaurant

Presentation and big portions are a strong point. First off, the dipping oil with the fresh Parmesan cheese was mouth watering! The French onion soup was so good and had excellent presentation, as did our Caesar salad and seafood entree. Desert! Yes, we overdid it tonite! Chocolate cake and a Irish coffee!

The Yarmouth House

Yarmouth House Restaurant

Sunday was a relaxing day. Catching up with more friends. Seeing the sights. Planning our next visit. But first, we had to stop at Bagels and Beyond for their tasty non doughy bagels. Look, I’am originally from New York so I know my bagels. These my friends are the best bagels I have ever had! Incidentally, Bagels & Beyond 1st store was in New Jersey! Lucky for the Cape, Bagels & Beyond has several locations to keep the Cape Cod going!

Well, that’s it for now. I will be back soon from numerous locations throughout Cape Cod and the Islands and all of New England and look for my new updated website to premiere soon this Spring 2016!

Bagels and Beyond

Tim Hetrick: Tugboats + Mohonk & More! A Hudson Valley Photographer

Two years ago, Tim Hetrick got his dream job as the Superintendent of Parks and Grounds at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz. But, that’s not where I met him. I met Tim through a wonderful photo I saw on his  Twitter of a tugboat.  Then we talked, and he told me about his photos on Flicker  and of course he’s on Facebook 

Tim Hetrick Photography

Photography has always been a interest and contributed to his career. During an internship in 1999, at Hamilton Farm Golf Club in New Jersey he was required to take photos for a power point presentation. He took photos with film; a rarity for the times, but it was that undertaking that propelled him to dive further into photography. Given his profession, he is mostly outdoors and surrounded by natural beauty.

Tim Hetrick Photography


More Serendipity! Tim’s hometown of Rocky Ridge, Ohio is just a few miles from Lake Erie.  He was always drawn to water sources and got his passion for the water from his father who was in the Navy.  Almost from birth, he began exposing him to tugboats and Coast Guard boats.   As a family they spent a great deal of time on his father’s boat fishing.  Always passing various vessels and being in constant awe of them.  It was not just their tremendous size or prowess but rather so many questions that their passing compelled him to think about: where were they going, where did they come from, what size crew was on boat, what was their purpose.

Tim Hetrick Photography

Five Favorite Things To Photograph

Family, Commercial Boats, Agriculture, Plants and Landscape are his five favorite subjects.

Tim Hetrick PhotographyHe finds there is hidden beauty in each boat. whether a construction boat and the ripples it makes in the water of the surroundings in which it is passing by. His love of tugboats is seen on his flicker portfolio and social media pages. Tim acknowledges how tugboats help to shape America and tries to take photos in interesting areas that add to a unique back drop that can be industrial in appearance to mountains where it is taken. He also finds the color schemes to be eye-catching along with the subject matter they are towing.



Tim Hetrick Photography

Born and raised in Rocky Ridge, Ohio, a rural community near Lake Erie and surrounded by agriculture on a continual basis. He has a personal interest in both people and equipment that work tirelessly to provide our Nation and others with the food that we eat. He’s quick to point out ” When one photographs agriculture, they are in essence capturing the backbone of our Country – as there is no industry more important to us than farming”.

Tim Hetrick Photography

Black & White

Tim Hetrick Photography

Tim is naturally drawn to black & white photography. When the correct light, mood and subject matter all align. He cannot resist capturing the subject matter.  He admits, he always takes black and white from the view finder and never converts it from color. He likes to see it as black and white when he takes the photo. Photography is a hobby and not a profession. A family man and father of two young boys his time is devoted to work as well as coaching his sons baseball and soccer teams. When he has the opportunity, he takes his camera along  on a hike when he’s able to get away from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature.  He also has been very lucky! Fox News New York and Sony have used his photographs in their newscasts and marketing.

Tim Hetrick PhotographyDream Project

Capturing the  industrial history of the Hudson Valley is his dream project.  Abandoned factories that are being razed for new development. Some of these industrial complexes occurred during the industrial revolution or just after and significantly changed the way of life in the United States helping to propel us into an industrial powerhouse. I would love to capture the remaining structures that exist within the Hudson Valley so they are preserved for generations to come.

Tim Hetrick Photography


Tim Hetrick Photography

Tim Hetrick PhotographyBe sure to follow Tim Hetrick Photography on his social media platforms. He is planning an exhibit soon! In the meantime, you can reach out to him directly if you are interested in purchasing a photo through his social media platforms and some of his photos will also be available to purchase in early spring at Dedrick’s Pharmacy and Gifts in New Paltz.

Keegan Ales THE Hudson Valley’s Brewery


When Tommy Keegan was a Marine Chemist living in San Francisco and studying chemistry and bio-chemistry for a career he pursued home brewing as a hobby. Little did he realize at that time, how that would lead him back east to Kingston NY, where he had family.

Keegan Ales Beer FlightIn the search for a building to launch Keegan Ales he would learn of a building that was empty. This building had exactly what Tommy was looking for because it was once known as the Woodstock Brewing Company in the early 1800’s! That my friends, is what you call SERENDIPITY!

Keegan Ales Mothers Milk

We  had heard about the Keegan Ale brand for years, and I have to admit I have been late to the game in a visit. So yesterday evening, I took a drive and sat down and talked BEER with Tommy Keegan and Josh Brown, Director of Sales for Keegan Ale. We were very impressed with the tasting Beer flight.

Keehan Ales Wall

We tasted the 7 flight that Keegan Ales offers and were quite impressed and yes we had our favorites. Old Capital, Mother’s Milk, Joe Mama’s Milk (which incredible tastes like coffee and beer at the same time), were 3 of our favorites!  Tommy and Josh told me that  Mother’s Milk is the flagship beer in the 9 states and Canada that they distribute to. Yes, Keegan Ales distributes to NY, VT, NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD, VI and Washington DC. The top three selling beers at Keegan Ales are Mother’s Milk, Old Capital and Hurricane Kitty.

Keegan Ales Toni Bartender

The area well known brand opened and started distribution in 2003, and the pub opened in 2007.  The “KEEGAN ARMY” as their customers are known even create beers by mixing and naming them. Yes, the customers are the ones that create the names! They mix beers like Old Capital and Bine Climber and call  it a “Florida”.

Keegan Ales

Toni, has been the bartender at Keegan Ales for five years and help us navigate our experience. Josh also tells us what people say about the beers. Some of the comments they hear the most are ” I think this beer was made for me” and “Thank GOD finely a good Craft Stout Beer, I am sick of IPA’s”. Josh goes on to say that the Keegan Ale brand is one of the big, little guys and they are gearing up to take the next steps to become even stronger in the states they do distribute.

Keegan Ales Ruben


Bands play  almost every night of the week and that evening the Paul Luke Band was setting up for the night. The Food is good too,the Ruben we ordered was delicious!  Keegan Ale also is very community minded and it turns out the well known O+ Fest   had it’s first meeting here. Other associations include:  the Kingston Stockade an semi pro soccer team coming to the area,  Autism partnerships with Woodstock Harley Davidson, The Kiwanis Club, Benedict Hospital and others.  The pub also features local artists on their walls. So Check one of the  North Easts favorite beers and  pub.  You can also find the Keegan Ale brand locally at other area pubs in the Hudson Valley as well as places like Half Time Beverages in Poughkeepsie and other beverage centers. 

Keegan Ales Paul Luke Band

Check their events calendar for events coming up here and beyond the Hudson Valley as they just participated in Saratoga Beer Week. We encourage you visit Keegan Ale’s in Kingston or order some rounds at a local pub. They are another example of a Hudson Valley company that is embraced by their customers +  that is The Essence of #THEHVStory.

Keegan Ales Art

Photos by Melissa Tyler




6 Things You Should Know about The Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

1. Ranked #38 out of 100 Most Influential Wine Bloggers by Excel Wines in 2015!

The Hudson Valley Wine GoddessExcel Wines is a leading wine retailer in the UK. Their ratings are based on metrics that concluded that these individuals have mastered the process of spreading influence among several outlets including their own websites and on various social media channels. The study took advantage of some of the best tools for measuring website success and social media activity.

2. Million Dollar Sips Launch

webinar graphicMillion Dollar Sips is a new website launching in March 2015. It’s about taking the intimidation out of wine! A FREE seminar will be offered for the person who has to wine and dine for business. The webinar is titled “powerful Tips for Your Business Dinner” it includes 6 wine tips for a successful business dinner! This event is Thursday, March 3rd at 3pm ET.

3. Mastering the Business Dinner

Mastering the Business Dinner

Is a six module course that gives the tips and tricks to successfully planning that important business dinner.  Some of the topics covered are: How to seek out the proper restaurant and plan a menu, how to budget for dinner and stay within your expense account, How Wine lists are organized, How to Taste Wine and What the different bottle sizes are and the proper size of the wine pour.

 4. Get To Know Your Wine

Red wine and cheeseWebinar for the wine lover coming in mid-March.  Sign up for wine and food pairing guide at Hudson Valley Wine Goddess  and you will be the first to know of the date of the webinar.

5. Hudson Valley Uncorked

Debbie will be releasing her first book in late Spring 2016 called “Hudson Valley Uncorked” Day Trips and Weekend Getaways in Hudson Valley Wine Country. Stay Tuned to THEHVStory for more on this.

HV Wine Goddess logo pic6. Getting Social

The first Monday of the month join the Hudson Valley Wine Goddess on BLAB as she covers different topics related to wine. The March 7th Blab will be “Discover the Secrets to Wine Country Travel” Debbie’s guests are Pat from Dolce Vita Wine Tours and Kristie Unsworth from Kristie’s Cruise and Land Destinations and perhaps another special guest.  You can register



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