Those Magic Green Beans: The Ken Migliorelli Story

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Farming is Big Business in the Hudson Valley!  If you’ve visited a farm stand or farmers market from Dutchess County to New York City, you know the Migliorelli Farm name. It represents  Local + Farm Fresh + Variety + Quality!  Migliorelli Farm is the name people have learned to respect!

I sat down with Ken Migliorelli at his Tivoli farm to get his prospective on farming and this Hudson Valley Story, just as things are getting ready for the 2016 season.

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Ken Migliorelli is a third generation farmer. His grandfather Angelo Migliorelli first brought broccoli raab seeds when he immigrated to New York from the Lazio region of Italy in the 1930’s. Angelo and his son Rocco (Ken’s father) peddled their vegetables by horse and cart up and down in the Bronx from sun up to sun down. Eventually, Co-Op City was built and pushed the last farmers out of the Bronx.


When Ken was about 8 years old, he found bean seeds in his father’s storage area and planted them in a row in the backyard of his boyhood house in the Bronx. He remembers after 4 or 5 days, they started to grow out of the ground. He watered them and tended to them as they flowered and then were ready to be picked. He picked them one day and they had fresh beans that night along with dinner.  That’s when he knew…he wanted to be a farmer too!

He loved watching something grow from a little seed.

That is what Ken calls his Magic Green Bean Story!


When Ken was 10, his father Rocco brought the family to the Hudson Valley. The Migliorelli family first lived on a dairy farm, Ken would milk cows and work in the field. They had about 20 acres of land and about 20 varieties of  vegetables that included Italian greens and tomatoes. In 1975, Rocco and his son acquired an additional 200 acres and expanded their vegetable production.  Ken went on to college for Agriculture at SUNY Cobleskill, and Alford College and received a degree in Agronomy, which is the study of soil and agricultural business.

Union Square Green Market NYC

Union Square Green Market NYC

This is when everything changed for the farm and Migliorelli as a brand. After college, Ken looked at the books and realized there was money to be made at farmers markets.  He expanded their originally base of vegetable production and distribution from the three original markets which included Hunts Point in New York City, Albany and the Boston District, to include Farmers Markets at Union Square, 175th street and Kings Plaza in Brooklyn. Today, Migliorelli works 30 markets, three road stands (Rhinebeck, Red Hook and Mount Tremper) and a healthy restaurant and wholesale business.

In 2002, another 200 acres were purchased. Today, he manages 1000 acres of 130 different varieties of vegetables, mixed fruit, grain, hay, rye and barely. In 1998, he sold all developing rights of his farm to be protected through a Scenic Hudson conservation easement to remain farmland and provide scenic beauty and wholesome food to our local community and the Green Markets of New York City.

Variety + Quality + Local

Mount Tremper Farm Stand

Mount Tremper Farm Stand

“Is This From Your Farm?”  Ken tells us that’s what people want to know. People want local farm fresh food. “They are surprised at how much we grow and like the consistent local quality and variety offered. ” When in season Greens are picked daily for the stands.  During farming season, Ken works from sunup to sundown doing what he loves, watching things grow.


Migliorelli also produces a half dozen fresh products like pair sauce, apple sauce, tomato sauce and juice, a Bloody Mary Mix, and a small line of frozen vegetables available at his farm stands and the farmers markets. Besides fruits and vegetables,  Ken has expanded into meats offering local pork, lamb and poultry. Four Years ago, he started growing grains and now has his own brew-master. He supplies several local breweries and distilleries with rye and barley and has launched his own brand called From The Ground Brewery which will be available at his three farm stands this season as well as some farmers markets.


40+ Seasons 

Farming is about seasons. Typically 40+ seasons. While enjoying farming for 40+ seasons, Ken tells us he’s enjoyed seeing the start up of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s) and smaller operations and looks forward to seeing the next generation of farmers put in their own 40 to 50 seasons.

Ken Migliorelli

 In the meantime, Ken looks forward to the future and the next ten to twenty years doing what he loves. Watching things grow! His farm offers cooking greens, salad greens, root vegetables, legumes, squashes, corn, tomatoes, garlic, onions. melons. apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and of course the Broccoli Raab his grandfather brought over from Italy.

What’s In Season     What’s In The Orchard


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Rhinebeck + Red Hook Farm Stands Open Mother’s Day Weekend



Feature Story Photos By Melissa Tyler

Holiday Time is Adams Fairacre Farms Time – 10 Reasons Why to Shop

1) Produce

95  years ago Ralph and his wife Mary Rogers Adams bought a farm on Dutchess Turnpike in Poughkeepsie. They worked the land, selling fresh produce to area retailers. By 1933, they had four children Diana, Dorothy, Ralph and Donald and a successful farm stand was born!

First they sold fruits and vegetables, but soon people were asking for more. “once you sell the produce, they want cheese, then meats, then a deli. It was a slow natural progression” Donald explains. “…As we had supplies for the farm, people wanted fertilizer or plants…so we added a garden center”

Today, Adams  Fair Acre Farms works with over 32 local farms that supply their four locations in the Hudson Valley. You will find nicely displayed varieties of farm fresh as well as organic fruits and vegetables.

2 Meat Dept

2) Meats

  The Meat Department offers a local options for beef and chicken. The Adams Meat Department is different than the typical grocery store. Their butchers will custom trim and season meats to your specifications. Instead of following the pre-cut, pre-ground enhanced mead product trend that exists in the industry. Adam’s adheres to a more traditional approach. Ground meats are prepared in-store and contain no fillers of any kind.

4 maple

3) Grocery

Gourmet, well known national brands and local Hudson Valley favorites are all availabel, from local honey, cider and other seasonal favorites

9 Seafood deaprtment

4) Seafood

Fresh, Daily, Assortment! Three words that describe the Seafood Department. Deliveries are received daily (except Sunday) from The Fulton Fish Market, Boston Fish Pier, Portland Fish Exchange and New Bedford Landing, just to name a few.

10 seafood

Much of the fish is received whole and cut in-store, just like a neighborhood fish market. Their fishmongers have years of buying and selling experience which allows them to provide competitively priced, high quality seafood. Each store’s seafood department may be a bit different but all carry a selection of pre-prepared  fresh options as well as tips to cook your own.

11 Cheese Dept

5) Cheese

Big Selection! Variety! Who doesn’t like to peruse the cheese section, whether it’s for a finding a new selection for that favorite bottle of wine or choosing many varieties for a festive holiday party!

You’ll find an enormous selection of imported cheese: English Stilton, Red Leicester, Huntsman, Wensleydale, Irish Cheddar, Mexican Queso Fresco, French Morbier…the list is endless.

12 Asort cheese

Domestic options and hard to find varieties are here as well as handcrafted artisan cheese’s produced locally by the Old Chatham Sheep Herding Company, Sprout Creek, Coach Farm and others. Don’t forget to try the dozens of store-made dips and spreads, freshly ground butters, selection of olives, crackers and cheese accessories. Domestic options and hard to find varieties are here as well as handcrafted artisan cheese’s produced locally by the Old Chatham Sheep Herding Company, Sprout Creek, Coach Farm and others. Don’t forget to try the dozens of store-made dips and spreads, freshly ground butters, selection of olives, crackers and cheese accessories.

30 wings

6) Deli

Doing shopping for the holidays, then you will want to know about Adams party platters. While your there they also make to-go sandwiches and of course cold-cuts for the week. There is also a well-known salad bar (get in line)a hot buffet, hot soups and fresh made sushi!

32 soups


13 Bakery7) Bakery

The Kingston, Newburgh and Wappingers Falls stores include a Bakery Department. Cakes, danish, cookies, pastries,hearty pies and breads. Cakes are hand decorated and designed and custom cakes are available for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and holiday occasions.

14 assortment of cakes

8) Sweet Shop & Gift Baskets

17 candy - specialty chocolatesFudge, Candy, Truffles and specialty items…there’s something for everyone here! You will find a collection of high  quality confections, family favorites and exotic treats. From hard-to-find gourmet chocolates, handmade fudge and more including organic and sugar-free selections.  Adams carries domestic and imported and an array of surprising new flavor combinations.

15 candy dept - jellybeans

A Gift Basket can be the greatest gift solution of our times. Good for friends, family, colleagues, clients and hostess gifts. Adams offers a long list of themes like fresh fruit, dried fruit, gourmet, snack, cheese, beverage, chocolates and nuts to name a few.  Click here for a whole brochure so you can shop online.

19 gift baskets

Whether it’s “Don’s Favorite”, “New York Cheddar Wheel” , “Snack Attack”, “Chocolate Lover’s Dream” a “Hudson Valley Gourmet” or There’s over 20 varieties to check out and each store has variations as well. Local deliveries are made and they can UPS select gifts anywhere in the United States.

20 cheese basket

9 Gift Shop

Unique gifts for most every occasion can be found for that someone special here.  Adams gift department features gifts from a variety of up to a dozen different local Hudson Valley vendors like Hudson Valley Skin Care,  Toni’s Trinkets and  Wash with Joe.

21 gifts swetaers


24 HV Skin soap closeup

Unique gift items are found  year round…the holidays are always a favorite.

23 Holiday gifts  25 Thanksgiving gifts   27 Bee Keeping

1o. Garden Center

Adams Fairacre Farms has been ranked 19 in Nursery Retailer Magazine’s list of the Nations Top 100  Independent Garden Centers! Adam’s will do everything to test a sample of your soil and make recommendations to help you fight the pests in your garden. You’ll also find a unique selection of seeds, starting kits, garden tools, potting supplies, bird houses and feeders and everything you need for bee keeping or beer making!

28 Birdhouses

But….comes the holiday season they are a must not only to see Santa but to visit for tree trimming ideas, tees and holiday novelty items. Each Store has a unique Winter fest and it’s always a  family favorite. Be sure to bring your camera!

29 Holidays

Find out More about the locations in Kingston, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls click on the Adams logo.



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Award Winning Cheese & Children’s Educational Farm
The Sprout Creek Farm Story

International Award Winning Cheese

Did you know about the International Award winning cheese made right here in the Hudson Valley at Sprout Creek Farm?

If you haven’t sampled it. I encourage you to go to one of Adams Fairacre Farms 4 locations, check your locally owned cheese shop or better yet…this summer go take a tour at the Poughkeepsie farm where the cheese is made.

SCF 12

Bring a bottle of wine and some sandwiches and spend a relaxing afternoon on the farm for a picnic and take a tour of the entire cheese making process. Tours and Tastings are a great Cheese Experience at SCF.  The tours are on weekends and one hour long, $25 per person. We recommend you make the most of it bring some friends and make a summer party of it! Tours are given May through October.

SCF 10

Perhaps you’ve already sampled Sprout Creek Farm Cheese in your favorite restaurant or at a Hudson Valley winery already! They distribute their cheese to over 50 local restaurants and many wineries in our area.


Every Friday night this season is Burger nite at SPC. There is live music and fun for the whole family. The weekly event kicks off at 5pm. So if your looking for a great local Hudson Valley activity for the family and enjoy live blue grass music this is the place to be. Check their social media and website for updates each week.

Sprout Creek Farm Cheese1

The Cheese

There are several varieties. Some are made seasonally, some are made year round. They are all made on the farm from SCF small herd of cow or goat milk. Goat Milk cheese products are seasonal. Cow milk cheese is available year round.


Toussaint – Cows’ milk cheese with a distinctive Alpine flavor and a smooth tight texture, it becomes complex and peppery with age. Aged 5-7 months.

Kinkead  – Savory and sharp with a hint of pungency. Dense and creamy. Raw cows’ milk cheese, aged 6-8 months.

Bogart – Mold-ripened and aged 1 year, this raw cows’ milk cheese is semi-firm, big-bodied, open, and supple. A cheese that everyone, even a child loves.

Madeleine – AWARD WINNING raw goats’ milk cheese, though slightly goaty and salty and reminiscent of a pecorino in texture, is both delicate and herbaceous. Available from August- March. Aged 5-9 months.

Batch 35 – Savory smear-ripened raw cows’ milk cheese with a full scattering of eyes has an aromatic soft yellow paste, and a crisp coppery rind. Aged 2-4 months.

Eden – AWARD WINNING  Paprika colored rind covers a semi-soft pungent paste of golden yellow. This raw cows’ milk cheese hints of butterscotch and sweet apple. 2nd place winner, American Cheese Society. Aged 3-5 months.

Margie – AWARD WINNING Sporting a white bloomy rind, and smooth, creamy paste. This buttery little wheel has a clean and delicate flavor that showcases the natural flora our farmstead milk. Aged 4-8 weeks; made from pasteurized cows’ milk.

Click and Shop Here for the online Sprout Creek Farm Market Store



Educational Farm

The purpose of SCF is to provide educational experiences for children and adults that will foster appreciation for and understanding of our place within the natural world and encourage responsibility for the future of our environment.

SCF 11

SCR offers programs that will reconnect people to the rich agricultural heritage of the United States. They offer an EXPERIENCE of COMMUNITY as a MODEL of PEACEFUL LIVING. These programs are in SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT, using AGRICULTURAL RESOURCES of the Farm as both setting and a starting point.


Day Programs Boys & Girls age 6-11

Sleepover Programs Girls  10-16

Enrollment is limited to give each child maximum contact with animals and individual attention from staff. Groups bake in fully equipped kitchen, participate in animal chores and work in organic garden.

Saturday Programs – Boys & Girls Age 6-11

Seasonal programs. Spring Brings new life and baby calves and goats as well as seed planting, baking and animal care.

In Fall, as harvest comes to a close, students learn how to put the garden to rest for the winter, can fruits and vegetables and turn tomatoes into sauce.



Sponsor a Child or Program – It’s Tax deductible

Call or email Sprout Creek Farm directly or help sponsor a child or program. SCR works with Network for Good where you can designate a “Camper scholarship”. Your gift is tax deductible.

SCF 14


Sprout Creek Farm is a 200 year old working farm in Dutchess County. The SCF story began 1982, in Connecticut where a group of three school teachers searched for a way to expand a girls values and create responsibility at a girls school. in 1987, farm administrators were approached by the estate of Elise Kinkead, a long time resident of Poughkeepsie and after a period of negotiation, Miss Kinkead’s WOODFORD FARM in Lagrange was donated to the Society of the Sacred Heart to be operated as Sprout Creek Farm.

SCF 13

Brownie, Girls Scout troops and other ongoing reservations made it possible to develop more comprehensive programs. Today, some 2500 children visit SCF during the school year. After school, weekend and summer programs are available! To find out more and enhance your childs spiritual and learning skills contact SCF today and find out about their programs.


Sprout Creek Farm 1

Photos By Melissa Tyler

Click on logo website and educational programs

Sprout Creek Farm Logo


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Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is Getting A New Home: Find out how your donation can help!

After ten years in Woodstock NY, Woodstock Farm Animal  Sanctuary is getting a new home in High Falls.   The sanctuary will relocate to a 150 acre property that is six times larger and just 90 miles from New York City.

The philosophy of the sanctuary is simple. Kindness and respect to animals is their duty and that all creatures that share this earth are here with us and not for us.

Farm animals are feeling individuals who deserve to be treated with compassion.


Here’s how you can help! Make a donation! Your tax deductible donation directly goes to the carAnimal e link to learn more:

A donation of just $30 entitles you to becoming a member of the sanctuaries growing benefits.  Donations can be made by check, credit card and PayPal.

The sanctuary has a wish list of items needed. Help donate and spread the word to friends you know can help!  Items needed include:

Functioning bicycles (adult & kid sized),  A zero turn lawn mower, Bookcase, computer and iPod, Minivan, Flat bed trailer, An automatic backup generator, 6 foot trees for shading animals

This move will give more room to rescue and shelter animals in need, greatly expand educational programs and host more outreach and advocacy events.

Internships and residency programs are available.

Please donate today!


Click on Logo to learn more!

logo Woodstock farm sanctuary


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The Hudson Valley Seed Library
Organic, Certified Heirloom Open Pollinated Seeds

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 20 or so years…You may not know there are bad seeds out there!

Bad seeds that are genetically modified and cause all kind of health repercussions.

Then there are the Good Seeds!

In Ulster County, Ken Green was a librarian at the Gardiner Public Library in 2004. He developed a strong interest in preserving  Heirloom seed varieties. He decided to add them to the library  catalog. His goal was to have library patrons “check them out” and grow them in their own gardens and then return saved seeds at the end of the season. The program was a small,  but successful. It was one of the first of it’s kind in the country! Four years later, Ken and his partner Doug Muller decided to turn the library into a mission driven, homestead-based business.

Today, eleven years after it’s conception at a Hudson Valley small town library, Ken & Doug travel to flower and garden shows from Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle  and beyond  with a marketplace booth selling organic certified heirloom seeds from their farm and other local farms here in the Hudson Valley.

3 HV Seed Library

This is THE Hudson Valley Story, you’ll want to share!

The Hudson Valley Seed Library has the ABC’s of vegetables. Arugula, beans, chard, Okra, tomatoes and watermelon just to name a few of the 35 different varieties of vegetables. 45 different herbs are available. Annuals like a variety of basil including basil: cinnamon, black cumin and mammoth long island dill. For everlasting garden to table perennial seasonings you’ll find Anise Hyssop which makes a lovely tea, garlic chives, echinacea, german Thyme, Greek oregano and more. They also have a hearty variety of flower seeds which include a large selection of sunflowers, zinnias,  and 100+ types of Annuals and perennials.

Hudson Valley Seed library offers their seeds online, be sure to get their catalog or visit the website to view stores in states that carry these seeds. Locally, in the Hudson Valley you can find them at Adams Fairacre Farms. You can also order directly from the website where you will also find an online store that includes gardening tools and supplies, gifts, artwork and more!

Each Spring Hudson Valley Seed library commissions artists to create original works of art which are then used to illustrate their heirloom seed packs. Click this link to view the packets since 2008

Be sure to check their website as they travel across the country from one flower show to another. In addition if you would like to participate at a flower show or at their farm in Accord, tell them THE Hudson Valley Story sent you and email them at mail at to coordinate. Workshops are also available here in the Hudson Valley so check the website for the up coming 2015 season.

1 HV Seed Library

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Pies, Gift Baskets & Christmas Trees
Must be Meadowbrook Farm Market

The Holidays are a special time to spend with family and friends. No one knows this better then Meadowbrook Farm Market in Wappinger Falls.

They are a third generation farm market serving the local area and are known for their baked goods which include fresh apple cider donuts, cookies and PIES.

Locals who shop at Meadowbrook Farm Market over the years know what it’s like to walk in the farm market store and smell that fresh baked goodness the second they walk in. If you haven’t been to this cozy farm stand open daily year round…then you should.

The following pies are available: Apple, Apple Crumb, Sugar-FREE Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Peach, Pumpkin, Chocolate Cream, Lemon Meringue, Coconut Cream, Coconut Custard and 5 Fruit pie. To pre-order call 297-3002.

Meadowbrook is the place to stock up on fresh produce and things for the holidays from cheese, their own salsa, fresh made mozzarella, chestnuts and more!

IMG_9296 (427x640)

Tis the season for Gift Baskets. These Gift Baskets are MADE TO ORDER! Great for hostess gifts, or a great way to give something local to a friend or business acquaintance. Does your company like to give holiday gift baskets. This is the place to get them!

Gift baskets are available starting at $34.95.

They are filled with things like local honey, maple syrup, fruit, candy and other local inspired goodness! To pre-order call 297-3002.

IMG_9606 (640x427)

Black Friday is the kickoff of the opening of the Christmas Tree lot at Meadowbrook Farm. It’s also the day and weekend you can receive 10% off a selected variety of pre-tagged Christmas Trees. Ten percent discount is through Thanksgiving Weekend only!

Don’t fret the Christmas Tree lot is open daily from 10am – 8pm Black Friday through mid December.

Meadowbrook Farm Christmas Tree lot has a large selection of pre-cut 3-12 foot trees: Frazier Fur, Balsam Fur, Arizona Cork Bark and Grand Fur.

They also have WREATHS 13″ to 48″ that are decorated or non decorated and centerpieces.

IMG_9575 (640x427)

29 Old Myers Corners Road, Wappinger Falls

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Meadowbrook Farm – The Farm The Locals Go To


It’s Prime season at Meadowbrook Farm in Wappinger Falls. This is the apple farm that the locals go to for  9 varieties of apples, fresh baked cider donuts and fresh pressed apple cider.

This is a 3rd generation farm that started out as a dairy farm with cows. But as the times changed it became  one of the best apple orchards in the area. When apple season rolls around at the end of August and school begins school groups huddle around to hear “Farmer Dan” explain how to pick an apple straight off the tree from the orchard. Mini cups of feed are handed out for the kids to feed the animals. Kids get to pick apples,and receive refreshments and goodies to take home This is a great experience for preschoolers through third grade. Over the years more and more young children from groups and organizations share the first time excitement of visiting a farm!

Meadowbrook Farm - School Groups 2

In mid September the pumpkins show up and a magical pumpkin patch appears on the side of the farm market store complete with picnic tables and a great way to spend time enjoying the farm.

The Farm Market store is a buzz with fresh produce! Local corn, tomatoes, potatoes, Squash, herbs and more! Meadowbrook has their own honey, salsa and did we mention the cookies and pies? Pumpkin, Apple &  Blueberry just to mention a few!

Meadowbrook Farm - Pie

This farm also sells Mums, fall flowers, decorative & ornamental hay and gift baskets for the holiday season. The day after Thanksgiving they have a large variety of fresh cut Christmas trees and wreaths through just before Christmas.

The Hudson Valley Story says: This is a great farm to visit for apple picking, farm fresh produce, fresh baked goods, the best apple cider donuts and cider we are told by many and Pies that any hostess would love to receive.

Follow them on Facebook for daily updates at


29 Old Myers Corners Road – Wappinger Falls 12590

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