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These are THE words I think of to describe FASHION! It’s HOW we WANT Fashion to make us FEEL! Nobody does this like EILEEN FISHER! Eileen Fisher is THE Quintessential Hudson Valley Story and is celebrating her 30th Anniversary!

Eileen Fisher B&W Zip Skirt

We love a woman that does things her way! Apparently, many women feel the same! Perhaps that is why this company grew from an idea, 4 classic garments and a three thousand dollar order in 1984 to gross sales of 360 million in 2012 and an 1100 employee company based in Irvington NY since 1992!

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Today, there are more then 67 Eileen Fisher stores in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Her brand is in major department stores such as Bloomingdales and Nordstrom. Her first store opened on Ninth Street in the East Village in 1987 and is still opened. Today there are six locations in Manhattan.

Eileen Fisher B&W Bloomingdales

 The Lab

The Eileen Fisher Lab is at 1 Bridge Street in Irvington. We recently visited this Hudson River 5550 square foot location where the clothing company has been based. Appropriate enough you can even see a view of Manhattan from here! This is where you can discover current picks from the new and recent season, sample designs that you won’t find anywhere else, accessories and recycled clothing from personal collections in a program known as Green Eileen.

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A few steps away is where Eileen and her team share and exchange ideas in an open room with no cubicles about lifestyles, fashion and the clothing the world has embraced.

It all starts with a six piece collection! The Coat, The Cardigan, The Box-Top, The Maxi, The Tank and The Dress! Six easy pieces you want to grab which are modern and make you feel good. They are appropriate for work, play, weekends, and the city! These are THE GO-To Pieces and staples that wardrobes should be based on. Clothes that should be in everyone’s closet so it takes the worry of what to wear…which is WHY Eileen Fisher started designing. . .and of course they should be in black!

Eileen Fisher Matelic Handbag

Thousands of women across the planet must surly be thanking their lucky stars when Eileen decided to leave Illinois for NYC and press forward with her vision about fashion from what was her prior career as an interior decorator and graphic designer. I believe that is what they call KISMET!

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Maybe that is why wearing Eileen Fisher clothing feels different. For those working at the Irvington corporate location it is different. Collaboration flows freely from different departments. Eileen is committed to thinking green with organic and sustainable fibers, manufacturing in the USA and recycling clothes with Green Eileen.

Eileen Fisher GREEN EILEEN

The women who wear Eileen Fisher clothes want to experience the magic that happens when you put on a piece of clothing that has been pared to its simple pure essence. It comes alive on your body. It makes you move differently. It changes the way you think and feel about yourself!

Eileen Fisher Gloves

That is what FASHION is all about! Feeling the Magic and how you feel about yourself! The Hudson Valley Story applauds Eileen Fisher for her vision and her commitment to fashion, women and our planet!

The Hudson Valley Story notes Meditation classes are also available at the Eileen Fisher Irvington headquarters on Sundays from 10am – noon in their cafeteria. The classes are organized through the Westchester Buddhist Center.

Photos By Melissa Tyler

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