My First Post – The Hudson Valley Story

Dateline: Fall – October 2014

Location: THE Hudson Valley


I’d like to say I am somewhere relaxing…having a cocktail at a NEW favorite place, inputting this blog from an ipad between sips. But I am not! I am just back in the Hudson Valley about a month after spending most of the last year in Cape Cod. Hopping from Chatham to Nantucket and other great New England locations.

I am a bit surprised to be back in the Hudson Valley!  I have grown a bigger appreciation for her! It was my decision to come back to be here to experience the great fall foliage that seems to last longer then most places in the northeast!

Over the years, people would tell me how much they enjoyed my articles and photographs in various publications and media outlets. I spent 10 years writing hundreds and hundreds of radio commercials and promos and really loved how the broadcast medium could motivate people to this event or purchase that product.

Today, I have a brand new passion–VIDEO–which has really been an old passion!

The Hudson Valley Story will bring you to places and show you things in a way you have not seen HER before!

So, I hope you will enjoy taking a look at only THE way I can show HER!

My Way…and that is THE Hudson Valley Story!


Melissa Tyler
The Hudson Valley Story

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Melissa Tyler

Melissa Tyler

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