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IPA’s, Cider + Wine That’s Grand Cru in Rhinebeck


In Rhinebeck, there’s a place the locals like to gather for good craft beer it’s called Grand Cru Beer & Cheese Market. Known as a bottle and tap room it will be celebrating their 6th year Anniversary in June.  Alicia Lenhart and Rod Johnson will celebrate their 4th anniversary as owners on June 11th with a celebration event!



Double IPA’s are the #1 craft beer served at Grand Cru, followed by IPA’s, Stouts Sours, Porters, Lager’s and Ales, plus ciders and wine. The tap room has 16 taps which is a great variety for the Hudson Valley. They have a cold  room downstairs where they keep the kegs so that gives them the flexibility to serve the volume of beers they do. Plus, they also have a healthy retail selection of over 200 cold bottled beers that you can sip and chat with friends or take to go.


Grand Cru is a proud supporter of the local craft breweries in the Hudson Valley. With nearly 40 in an hour and a half travel radius, there are plenty to bring in on tap or in cans and bottles. The talent and what is being produced is impressive. The inventory reflects the local craft brewery in a big way.


This is the local place where everyone knows each other and if you don’t they will make you feel comfortable coming anyway.  Locals and weekenders frequent the tap room and of course the tourists flock here as well.


We sat with owner Rod and his wife Alicia and talked craft beer and learned some hard statistics. Three craft breweries are opening per day in the United States.  Rod tells us that the number of craft  breweries are just now equaling the same amount of breweries that existed at the start of probation. Considering, there are so many more people in the country now and the demand is less than the supply.  Plus, another reason for the growth of craft beer is becasue the millennial generation grew up with their parents drinking craft beer so it’s their natural go-to choice.

18Cheese + Charcuterie Boards


This is a Must do! The cheese and Charcuterie boards are made from local cheeses. Many are from  R&G, Adirondack Cheese and Sprout Creek Farm. Besides the cheese boards, bread and pretzels served are made locally in Kingston by Deising Bakery.

13 This is the place you go to have a few drinks and a snack before dinner or a few drinks after dinner. You’ll find a a well curated selection of craft beers bought from seven distributors. Plus a great wine selection that includes local favorites from Millbrook Winery as well as National and International selections that change seasonally.


Hosting Events + Live Music + Art Exhibits

The Grand Cru Tasting Team Series offers  Complementary Tasting Events once a month on Thursday from 5-8pm. The GCTT  is offered about every 3 weeks where they invite a brewery and you can taste five or 6 beers that evening on tap.

Grand Cru Rhinebeck

Two  Saturday evenings a month the taproom features live music by Hudson Valley singer songwriters. The lights are dimmed, the candles are lit and there’s a completely different vibe than during the afternoon. Local artists also have monthly art exhibits.


The HVStory says if you have not visited this craft beer tap room, you should make plans  now! Be sure to order the Charcuterie Board and you are probably gonna want to take home a growler or two, too! 23

Follow Grand Cru on Facebook to get all their event announcements + on Instagram for NEW tap alerts and other news!

Photos By Melissa Tyler

Underground Coffee & Ales

Highland Coffee & Ales Pub A Big Attraction

Underground Coffee & Ales

The Research

Coffee and Craft Beer are a winning combination at Underground Coffee & Ales in Highland. The Coffee Pub which opened October 2015, is the unique brainchild of Erin and Jeremy Intonti.

How do you combine coffee + beer? The answer is simple. The Highland couple live close to the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Walkway over the Hudson and like to walk the two parks on a regular basis. One thing led to another and Erin liked the idea of combining a place that you could get a coffee and a bite to eat. The couple are craft beer enthusiasts and that’s how they combined the two.

Erin & Jeremy

The couple who are the original founders of the Hudson River Craft Beer Festival on the Beacon waterfront spent years researching craft beer. They did their homework by visiting breweries, craft beer festivals and other craft beer pubs. They may call themselves “beer nerds” but there’s nothing nerdy about the brand they are building.



Stop by for breakfast Thursdays thru Sunday from 9 am – 11:30 am and you’ll find menu selections like the Rail Trail Sandwich which includes fresh eggs, mixed greens, Parmesan cheese + avocado on a Brioche roll. A Caboose Sandwich includes fresh eggs, sausage, sharp cheddar, salsa + avocado on a Brioche roll. Buttermilk flapjacks, homemade Belgium waffles with fresh fruits, pastries are also just some of the menu options and of course we haven’t talked about the coffee.


Coffee + More

Underground serves a large selection of coffees that are made locally in the Hudson Valley in Tarrytown by Coffee Lab Rosters. They serve 9 latte’s, cappuccino, espresso,  iced coffee’s, ice latte’s, cappuccino latte’s, chai latte’s and Harney & Son’s Tea. This place is a coffee lovers dream!


The Beers

Underground Coffee & Ales is more an Artisianal beer and concept pub. They serve 10 craft taps that rotate almost daily. This is the unique experience that customers like as well. This destination pub brings it’s patrons new experiences. It truly is an adventure going as the beer you may have had yesterday, is not guaranteed tomorrow. But, that is what is popular in the whole craft beer trend. Small batches are made and the changing taps almost daily guarantee freshness!


Bet You Can’t Taste Just One

Options, options, options! That’s what you’ll find. Not sure what you want, ask for a sample. The underground features seasonal and hard to find beers and ciders from the Hudson Valley as well as all over New York. One and Done, not quite; but today people are into UNIQUE and One-Off’s that breweries make in small batches.


Beer Flight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, Beer Flights are the way to go! It’s part of the whole Craft Beer experience. Tasting several types of beer light and dark, mixing and matching and finding out what your favorites are. That combined with a great pub menu of soups, cheese board, burgers, apple onion sausage sandwich, grilled pesto & mozzarella chicken sandwich and we can personally say the best black bean burger we ever had.


Art + Music


Live Music + Entertainment is available several times per week and it’s best to check the Underground Facebook page for daily + weekly updates. The day we were there was the opening exhibit of  Jeffrey Anzivino’s phototography and he also played a set with his band mates

5 Whether your a local, traveling from somewhere in the Hudson Valley, a weekender or a tourist to the area, Underground Coffee & Ales is a stop you will want to make.

Why You Should Visit!

This coffee pub has craft beer that rotates their taps almost daily. The beer is brewed in small batches so it’s big on flavor. They support local brand coffee’s, teas, beer + music and are conveniently close to the Rail Trail and Walkway Over the Hudson.


Photos By Melissa Tyler

Keegan Ales THE Hudson Valley’s Brewery


When Tommy Keegan was a Marine Chemist living in San Francisco and studying chemistry and bio-chemistry for a career he pursued home brewing as a hobby. Little did he realize at that time, how that would lead him back east to Kingston NY, where he had family.

Keegan Ales Beer FlightIn the search for a building to launch Keegan Ales he would learn of a building that was empty. This building had exactly what Tommy was looking for because it was once known as the Woodstock Brewing Company in the early 1800’s! That my friends, is what you call SERENDIPITY!

Keegan Ales Mothers Milk

We  had heard about the Keegan Ale brand for years, and I have to admit I have been late to the game in a visit. So yesterday evening, I took a drive and sat down and talked BEER with Tommy Keegan and Josh Brown, Director of Sales for Keegan Ale. We were very impressed with the tasting Beer flight.

Keehan Ales Wall

We tasted the 7 flight that Keegan Ales offers and were quite impressed and yes we had our favorites. Old Capital, Mother’s Milk, Joe Mama’s Milk (which incredible tastes like coffee and beer at the same time), were 3 of our favorites!  Tommy and Josh told me that  Mother’s Milk is the flagship beer in the 9 states and Canada that they distribute to. Yes, Keegan Ales distributes to NY, VT, NJ, CT, PA, DE, MD, VI and Washington DC. The top three selling beers at Keegan Ales are Mother’s Milk, Old Capital and Hurricane Kitty.

Keegan Ales Toni Bartender

The area well known brand opened and started distribution in 2003, and the pub opened in 2007.  The “KEEGAN ARMY” as their customers are known even create beers by mixing and naming them. Yes, the customers are the ones that create the names! They mix beers like Old Capital and Bine Climber and call  it a “Florida”.

Keegan Ales

Toni, has been the bartender at Keegan Ales for five years and help us navigate our experience. Josh also tells us what people say about the beers. Some of the comments they hear the most are ” I think this beer was made for me” and “Thank GOD finely a good Craft Stout Beer, I am sick of IPA’s”. Josh goes on to say that the Keegan Ale brand is one of the big, little guys and they are gearing up to take the next steps to become even stronger in the states they do distribute.

Keegan Ales Ruben


Bands play  almost every night of the week and that evening the Paul Luke Band was setting up for the night. The Food is good too,the Ruben we ordered was delicious!  Keegan Ale also is very community minded and it turns out the well known O+ Fest   had it’s first meeting here. Other associations include:  the Kingston Stockade an semi pro soccer team coming to the area,  Autism partnerships with Woodstock Harley Davidson, The Kiwanis Club, Benedict Hospital and others.  The pub also features local artists on their walls. So Check one of the  North Easts favorite beers and  pub.  You can also find the Keegan Ale brand locally at other area pubs in the Hudson Valley as well as places like Half Time Beverages in Poughkeepsie and other beverage centers. 

Keegan Ales Paul Luke Band

Check their events calendar for events coming up here and beyond the Hudson Valley as they just participated in Saratoga Beer Week. We encourage you visit Keegan Ale’s in Kingston or order some rounds at a local pub. They are another example of a Hudson Valley company that is embraced by their customers +  that is The Essence of #THEHVStory.

Keegan Ales Art

Photos by Melissa Tyler




Gully’s Open For The Season

The Waterfront’s Most Unique Destination is Celebrating their 29th year, under new management and open for the season!

Gully's 1

One of everyone’s favorite Newburgh waterfront destinations has a brand new menu and now features New York State Beers including beers from Newburgh Brewing Company. We were recently invited to sit down with the new management team and talk, sip and dine with samples from their new menu.

gullys 5

Gully’s is still that casual, cool, come as you are place to go on he waterfront with fantastic panoramic  views of the Hudson River and Mt. Beacon. he new management team has created a brand new menu of good quality food with the preference from local companies. They’ve also added local New York State Beers on tap. Gully’s is family friendly during the day with a new kids menu and a Gastro Pub style restaurant by evening. Gully’s is re-positioning itself as the trend for Kraft Beer Gastro Pub trend get’s stronger here in the Hudson Valley. With the spectacular views and cool summertime breezes this well known pub-restaurant boat is known for…can you say you blame them for a little revamp!

Gullys 2


Gui Tepedino and Ryan Black of R Black Global are the New York City real estate development team that are managing the property this season. They are a management team that work in the hospitality arm in development. Gui handles partnerships and new business operations and Ryan specializes in construction and real estate development.

Together and friends for twelve years, they are very interested in further development in the Newburgh and Beacon area.  This is just the first of many more projects to come for this savvy team. They love the history of Newburgh and the area and are committed to new opportunities and growth. Music, Art, Food and Drink are the subject of projects this dynamic duo are interested in!

gullys 6


Gully’s by day is a  casual, family place to go to get a good fresh bite to eat on the historic and scenic Hudson River. A new kids menu has been created that will feature chicken fingers and kid size burgers. The beef is is all organic and grass feed.

Gullys 3

In the evening, Gully’s turns into  a true Gastro Pub Bar on the waterfront! New York State Beers are featured on tap including Newburgh Brewing Company favorite ales: Newburgh Brown Ale and Newburgh Cream Ale. Other beers include: Ithaca Apricot Wheat ( a great Summer beer), Keegan’s Mother Milk Stout and Adirondack Bare Naked Ale and others.They will also continue to serve Corona’s, Bud and Bud Light.

Gullys 4

Fresh and  local ingredients are the two things Gully’s new menu has to offer!

Menu options include:

Little Neck Clams, Oysters, Steamers, Shrimp Cocktail and Black Angus Burgers.

Ceaser Salad with your choice of shrimp, salmon or chicken.

Salmon sandwich with garlic chives, wasabi mayo, grilled bok choy and a teriyaki  drizzle with homemade chips. These chips are a great touch!

Devil on Horseback are bacon wrapped stuffed dates with blue cheese which are a real treat and go great with beer or your favorite cocktail.

Spicy Apricot Pork wings …..incredible good and falls off the bone!

Fish and chips and grilled chicken are also on the menu as well as a few other options.

Gullys 8

Gully’s will also feature live entertainment that you have known them for every Tuesday through Sunday. Bands will start Tuesday – Saturday at 8pm.

Every Thursday Night there will be a DJ and they said they will be working with area radio station K104 on promotional theme nights as well.

Sunday is an acoustic day with the same menu listed above and acoustic music from 1-8pm.

Gullys 7

A new website is being created so in the meantime the best place to get daily updates is on their Facebook page.

Summer is here and Gully’s and R Black Global are here to stay!

Be sure to visit one of the most popular and original destinations in Newburgh often this season on the waterfront. Gully’s will also stay open through October this year.

Gully's 11


Gully’s – 2 Washingston Street – Newburgh

on the Historic waterfront!


Follow Gully’s on social media



Newburgh Brewing Company
Brewed With Heart in the Hudson Valley

This is a story of friendship, dedication, hard work, vision…and beer!

Newburgh Brewery 15

A story that takes time to develop…like beer…and the steamships that were once built in this very location in the 1850’s at William Wright Steamship in Newburgh.

Christopher Basso; Brew Master + Chief Executive Officer, Paul Halayko, President + Chief Operating Officer and Charlie Benedetti, Head of Sales are more than three partners in the Beer business…they are friends.

Newburgh Brewing 1


Christopher and Paul have been best friends since they were 12 years old. They went to high school and Boston University together and Charlie is Paul’s uncle.

Newburgh Brewery 8

Christopher graduated from the French Culinary Institute and was a brewer at the Brooklyn Brewery for almost seven years before becoming the Brew Master at Newburgh Brewing Company

Newburgh Brewery 6

Paul and Christopher have been friends since age 12 and went to high school and Boston University together. Paul is a CPA with a background in working with start-up companies as well as financial consulting. He left a job at JP Morgan to run Newburgh Brewing Company.

Charlie was a career Wall Street trader and is now Head of Sales for the brewery.

These gents love making beer. They pour their passion into the brewery everyday!

Newburgh Brewery 7


Newburgh Brewing Company honors the rich history of Newburgh, a history that includes one infamous neighbor General George Washington who lived up the street. People have been brewing beer in Newburgh since before America was America. It is a tradition Newburgh Brewing Company is proud to be a part of.

The 3 most popular Beers are: Cream Ale, Brown Ale and Paper Box Pale Ale (Yes, this building was once a paper box company too)

Newburgh Brewery 3


Since opening, in April 2012 they have brewed 40 different styles in just 3 years!  They make 6 beers year round and have an assortment of seasonal beers and specialty releases.

The Taproom is a large space with high ceilings and breathtaking views of the Hudson River.  16 different beers are served as well as a local cider and a selection of Hudson Valley wines.


6 Beers Made Year Round:

Cream Ale – Light, easy drinking, nice malt backbone with a hint of hop bitterness at the finish, a traditional NY style beer.

Brown Ale – English-style, dark roasted, hints of coffee, toffee and chocolate

Paper Box Pale Ale – Hop-forward American Pale Ale

HOP Drop DIPA – Big American Double IPA with large hop aroma and flavor, citrusy and dangerously drinkable although 9.5%ABV

East Kolsch – Pilsner-like, originally made for the 2 Blue Smoke restaurants in NYC . Light and easy drinking.

India Cream Ale – Bigger bodied version of our Cream Ale, aggressively hopped like an IPA with Sorachi Ace.


Honor, natural goodness of ingredient’s and friends working hard to make them shine through every sip.

Newburgh Brewery 11


The Food…The Mood + More

“Supporting Local” whenever possible and sourcing food from local farms and suppliers are a priority. Newburgh Brewing Company appreciates the hard work, traditions and dedication from local farmers.

Newburgh Brewery 13

You’ll find everything from all natural chicken wings, fish tacos, local farm fresh salads, New York State made cheeses, and more on the tap room menu.

Newburgh Brewery 14

The Mood is spacious with long tables and breathtaking views of the Hudson River. The walls feature a gallery of local artists and there are bands weekly including a Swing Band on Thursday nights. Tours of the facility are available on Saturdays. Always best to call or check website or Facebook page for updates.

NEwburgh Brewery 16

Miss this beer…you don’t have to! It’s distributed throughout the Hudson Valley, New York City, Long Island and northern New York up to the Canadian border and 7 northern New Jersey counties.

Newburgh Brewery 12    Newburgh Brewery 9


Tap Room Hours

Wednesday: 4pm-9pm Trivia at 7:30

Thursday:  4pm – 11 pm

Friday:  4pm to Midnight

Saturday: Noon to Midnight

Sunday:  Noon to 5pm


Click on logo for website


80 South Colden Street, Newburgh


Follow Newburgh Brewing Company on Social Media

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