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I’d love to tell you that Amy and Jonathan Cohen packed up an old Volkswagon Beetle Bus and left Long Island for the Hudson Valley!

Well, Most of that is true! It’s just the order they happened in that’s a bit different. You see, Jonathan did make a trip to New Paltz in a VW Beetle Bus with some friends; as he often did growing up…and Amy her first trip up was with Jonathan after they had met and been dating for a while. They were looking for a place that had a Greenwich Village Vibe but more affordable. That was in 1998 and you can say they have NEVER looked back!

THE GROOVY BLUEBERRY CLOTHING COMPANY is Worldwide!  They are in major department stores like Bloomingdales, Lord and Taylor and Buy Buy Baby a 150 store chain. They are on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. They ship to England, Australia and Canada…and it all started from a storefront here in the Hudson Valley, in New Paltz on Main Street!

When Amy and Jonathan met she had already graduated from Cornell with a fine arts degree. She was recruited by Macy’s and was hired as a floor manager in their womens accessories department. At twenty-one she managed a crew of fifty employees. She then became a trimmings designer and salesperson followed by a job as a national sales manager and buyer for a luxury womens fabric company. At twenty-four she was traveling the world! Her favorite trips were to trade shows in France where she was inspired by the new lines.  Jonathan AKA: Mr. Blueberry operated Jonathan David a retail store in Brooklyn for fifteen years. One thing led to another and they started doing flea markets in Long Island. At this time Jonathan also had a career in publishing in Long Island… Fast forward to after the birth of their first child they were looking to leave city life behind.  They opened their first location at 57 Main Street and New Paltz welcomed them saying they “Brought A Rainbow To Town”. They say what was a dreary town turned brighter and cafes and other shops started to follow. That Christmas they started designing clothes.

Blueberry 1

Amy, how did you conceive the brand name the Groovy Blueberry Clothing Company?

It was a lightning bolt that went thru my husbands brain as he was approaching exit 18 on the NY State Thruway.

 How is it your cotton so soft? 

We only use combed ring spun yarn. It’s high quality cotton and the ring spun process is what makes it so fluffy.

Blueberry 14

 Where is your hand dyed clothing made in the USA?

Our signature pieces are cut and sewn in Brooklyn, New York. We are proud to use the very best domestic fabrics in our clothing line. Because we are domestically sewn and locally dyed we are able to provide a quick turn on our products to better large department stores and mail order catalogs. Anything we can source locally from small family business. We are the maker; so our products originate with us! That’s about as local as you can get!

 What are your 3 best selling categories and what items are best sellers in those categories?

Childrens Clothing such as baby onesies, baby & girls dresses and yoga clothes for kids. Womens Clothing, Accessories and Jewelry. . . dresses, tops, tees, bottoms scarves, hats, fashion accessories, costume jewelry and handmade fine jewelry. Our Best sellers are Tee shirts, babies, kids, adults and plus size too!

 Tell us about your amazing yoga pants?

They are a second skin! Women Live in Them! Many Women collect them! We offer over a hundred colors and have just added plus sizes to this category.

They do not fade or shrink when you wash. The items are always preshrunk as we wash them two times in dyeing process. Women Live in them!

How did the Groovy Blueberry bandaids come about?

We were invited by OUCHIES the Designer Band-aid Company. We designed the boxes and bandaids and they sell to customers in 11 countries and we get a small commission. These are also available at our shops and on our website.

  Your worldwide…How does it make you feel? 

I feel Proud!!! This is a good example of the little train that could! Groovy Blueberry is a miracle. It just goes to show you that if you believe in yourself you can do anything!

 What are new projects you are working on?

Wow!! Besides NEW products: dresses, special jewelry and the usual! Groovy Blueberry is working on a campaign to empower artists and women in town. We have been featuring local artists, crafts people, musicians etc., on our property adjacent to our company store at 1 Water Street in New Paltz. We are bringing new life to the riverfront in New Paltz and helping to create a better community. I am also considering running for an office in our local government as I do not feel the needs of our business community are being represented.

Blueberry 2

What Should People Know about the GROOVY BLUEBERRY ClOTHING COMPANY brand?

It’s about feeling good & being who you are!

Fall 2014 The Groovy Blueberry Clothing Company Promo Video


1 Water Street & 57 Main Street, New Paltz 12561


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Antiques + Vintage + Home Decor

Let’s Talk ANTIQUING at Ole Carousel Antiques Center

Ole Carousel Antiques Center Cow Skin Rug

There’s something about taking  a long drive on country roads whether your up for the long weekend from NYC, a getaway from nearby Connecticut, the Berkshires or exploring a local town in our own backyard here in the Hudson Valley!

Ole Carousel Antiques Center   is a 8500 square foot multi dealer center located in the heart of the Hudson Valley! This is right in the middle of #ANTIQUE central! Close to nearby Rhinebeck and Millbrook. This shop specializes in Antiques, Vintage and Home Decor.

They are known for their affordable items and specialize in vintage clothes, jewelry, glassware and barware, lamps, mirrors and pillows and mid-century antiques.

Patti and her staff also cater to decorators, designers and event planners. Recently a set director from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire  was looking for items for their production and found them at Ole Carousel Antiques Center.  Another client that has a famous bakery in NYC found items as well.

Recently, we found a pair of amazing Genaine YAK Boots that we loved! If your a size 7ish we urge that you RUSH and Get Them it’s our Hudson Valley Story Hot Pick for Winter!

Ole CArousel Antiques Mid Century Decanters

We also saw some amazing cow hide rugs in both Black and white and brown and white that impressed us!  And we also loved the vintage Mini Ornaments in Christmas colors just in time for decorating for the holiday season.  Ole Carousel Antiques Center also has VINTAGE Holiday pieces from glassware to anything else you could want for your home! We also found some amazing barware in the form of mid-century decanters.

Ole Carousel Antiques Center Vintage Ornaments

This shop also takes pride in setting up vignettes inside the shop so everything in the shop shows the use of the items. You won’t be afraid to touch and use items and can enjoy them from day to day, that has been Patti’s goal from the beginning when she took over the shop in 2005!  Plus the shop becomes very festive now through the holidays which is a favorite season for many to purchase gifts and to look for those special finds!

She loves and emphasizes the bright green colored building which is a landmark to many to find everything one is looking for in Antiques Vintage and Home Decor. The location was once a popular bar called Country Carousel in the 70’s and many a couple had been proposed to and come back for a visit from time to time.

The Hudson Valley Story encourages you to explore the backroads of the #HudsonValley and take a ride to Stanfordville and visit the shop. Their are nearby wineries as well as restaurants or there’s still time to even catch a fall outdoor picnic with a cozy sweater and blanket and a bottle of wine and sandwiches.

Watch the recent video of Patti giving a tour of the shop getting ready for the upcoming season.


6208 Route 82, Stanfordville, NY 12581




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