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Dining at Valley Restaurant at The Garrison

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 The Garrison in Putnam County is a Destination Restaurant in the Hudson Valley. It’s a favorite among locals, weekenders and people who like to take a drive out of the city for dinner.

Last week,  I toured The Garrison which is also a Hudson Valley destination wedding location and includes a four room Inn and an 18 hole golf course. Now, I know what everyone else is raving about!

The Valley Restaurant and The World End Bar are the two main dining areas of the signature critically-acclaimed fine dining restaurant.  The Valley Dining Room exudes a combination of country charm and modernism. Both have stunning views and outdoor dining is available on the patio. Dinner is served Thursday – Sunday starting at 5pm and Weekend Brunch is served on both, Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am to 2:30pm. Reservations are recommended.

This is the place where you can watch the sunset, sip cocktails and enjoy a delicious

Farm to Table Dinner or Weekend Brunch.

The World End Bar got it’s name because it has a view of the bend on the Hudson River.  In it’s pioneering days, if you didn’t know how to steer the boat around this curve you could crash.


 Vincent Mocarski is the Executive Chef who has been at the Garrison for 16 years. He makes everything in-house and that starts with the sauces and stocks.  The Garrison also has their own Pastry Chef, Kirstie Castellano who makes house baked breads, desserts and ice cream.

IMG_9644 A house favorite here is the Parsnip Soup. Which is a Duck Confit Brioche with Chives. It goes well with the mild taste of the Herb Focaccia.  Herbs and vegetables are farm fresh and from their own garden. They grow plenty of fresh herbs that are used in everything from cocktails to desserts, as well as vegetables like baby carrots, squash, tomatoes, zucchini and a wide variety of other vegetables.

The Hudson Valley Story Says:

The Garrison is a place to Sit + Sip + Savor All The Flavors Of A Well Defined Menu.

The Garrison Outdoor Dining Patio. Photo Courtesy of The Garrison

The Garrison Outdoor Dining Patio. Photo Courtesy of The Garrison

Couples like this restaurant for it’s spectacular view, atmosphere and everything tastes so fresh.  It’s a place to start off with a cocktail. The Garrison is known for their Extensive Wine List and After Dinner Drink Selections. They also make house made syrups and tinctures that include fresh ingredients for cocktails. Two house favorites are: The Garrison’s Manhattan which is made from local bourbon from Warwick Valley Distillery, blood orange made syrup and local sour cherry liqueur. Gin Martini’s are also made with local Warwick Valley Gin, Elderly Flower Liqueur, Fresh Squeezed Grapefruit Juice and a Splash of Champagne.

IMG_9610 The Menu at the Garrison is very Farm To Table. It changes from week to week and offers in season different daily specials.  Fresh herbs and vegetables from their garden are included and prepared in a way only the The Garrison can.

Small Plate favorites here are Wild Cod Tacos with scallion and cilantro, Maine Lobster Sliders with Old Bay Fries or Salad, Maryland Crab Cakes and Raw Oysters.

The Tripple B is a popular selection available Thursday evening and during Brunch on the weekend. It consists of Beer or a Bloody Mary, Beausoleil Oysters and a Burger.

IMG_9659Dinner Entree favorites are Valley Wagyo Beef Burgers, Long Island Duck Breast and a Weekly Fish Special. The Long Island Duck Breast is a Hudson Valley Foie Gras  served with Duck Fat Potatoes and Grilled Ramps.

Dessert Is Truly A Treat

IMG_9677The Hudson Valley Story says:  The Strawberry Shortcake is A Must-Do! Mascarpone Moose, Chiffon Cake with Strawberries, House Made Basil Ice Cream and Yuzu + Pistachio Crumble. The flavors and lightness of this dessert and the house-made basil ice cream were incredible. I wanted to take a second order to go!

Other Unique crafted desserts include a Churro Ice Cream Sandwich with Mexican Hot Chocolate Dipping Sauce, and a Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse, Whiskey Carmel, Cinnamon Sorbet and Carmel Popcorn. We hear the Elvis Cheesecake is on point and House-made Ice Creams and Sorbets are served.

IMG_9572Brunch offers a variety of dishes including Maine Lobster Omelette,  Nutella with Banana French Toast, Short Rib of Beef Hash, as well as small plate appetizers, Burgers and more.

Guests like the complexity of flavors that come through and that the menu items are unique. Everyone who dines at the Garrison loves the experience. Many of the locals dine here twice a week. They come in after a long day at work in the city and on the weekend. Couples from the city like to drive up for dinner and a lot of the restaurant’s clientele come from the surrounding area and northern Westchester.

IMG_9623 The Inn at The Garrison features four guest rooms. People like to come up for a getaway for a night or two and golf and stay at the Inn. During the winter, several writers have also stayed at the Garrison while working on their next book.

Weddings at The Garrison


The Garrison is a Go-To Destination

In season, from mid April through mid November the Garrison is booked with a wedding every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The view from the outdoor garden and under the Arbor is breathtaking. It is a favorite place that couples from the Hudson Valley as well as the metropolitan area unite.

The Countryside Retreat is just an hour north of Manhattan. It is a favorite for Personalized Service as well as the exceptional views and farm to table food. 

IMG_9557 The Hudson Room is the glass room where Wedding Guests Experience Cocktail Hour

The indoor spaces at the Garrison were designed by award-winning minimalist designer Tony Chi. Classic, neutral and magnified by ample light is the style that everybody loves! The River Room is the Glass enclosed room that has scenic views of the spectacular Hudson Highlands and overlooks the Hudson River.


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