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Mark Woods: Landscapes + Sunrises & More

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Mark Woods Photography 1Mark Woods is an amateur photographer that likes taking photos of landscapes, sunrises  and maritime subjects. Photography is pretty much a hobby to him, but he has  been taking photographs for about fifteen years.

Mark is a retired truck driver who traveled up and down the east coast. Although he traveled a lot during this period he did not take photographs of his travels. He also had a route closer to home in the New York city area but with 30-40 stops per day, photography just didn’t fit in.

Mark Woods Photography 6


Capturing sunrises in the Hudson Valley is what interests him today. The Hudson Valley has opened his eyes to many natural wonders which he didn’t appreciate living in the city. Living in Brooklyn, he says “when you step outside your house you can only see across the street”. He moved to the area in 1985 and never looked back. He loves the Hudson Valley panorama’s. He enjoys photography because it gives him the ability to capture an instant in time that is visually pleasing and he can share with the world.

Mark Woods Photography 3

Army CIA Connection

Mark Woods also served in the US Army for 32 years where he did many things. He ran a 19,000 line item mobile warehouse of spare parts which he could put 75% of anywhere in the world in 24 hours. The rest of the week he ran a ration breakdown distributing food to 16,000 soldiers for 45 kitchens on maneuvers. He also was the logistician for mechanize infantry Battalion of about 800 soldiers and equipment, getting everything they needed; where they needed it, when they got there. During retirement he attended the Culinary Institute of America and studied general culinary arts and admits he enjoys making people food they enjoy and makes a mean carrot cake.

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Mark has exhibited his photos at Barnes & Nobel, The Newburgh Library and a few local town hall offices. His work can also be viewed on Smugmug and Facebook.  His photos can also be found on  the  Hudson River Pilots Association and Tugboat Information 

Mark Woods Photography 2

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