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Jeffrey Anzevino Photographing + Music + Sailing on the Hudson

You know your doing something right when people tell you they LOVE what your doing. They want to be #THEHVStory. Well, this past week, we have been inundated with kind words and all kinds of requests! So we thank you for that!

4 Jeffrey Anzevino Photography

Jeffrey Anzevino is doing what he loves. For the last 25 years he has worked for Scenic Hudson as the Director of Land Use Advocacy. But, there’s a back story to every story and that is what always intrigues us. That is the Essence of #THEHVstory.

1 Jeffrey Anzevino Photography

A Father’s Influence

You see, Jeffrey has been what he likes to call a “water rat” his whole life. His father taught him to love the Hudson River. He took him sailing on the Hudson when he was a kid in the 1960s. He moved away with family when he was a teenager, but never forgot those days on the river.  After 20 years of living from coast to coast, he returned and found a much cleaner river, The Hudson River was the river of his youth and the river he fell in love with!

HR Sloops Jeffrey Anzevino Photography

Hudson Valley Here I come!

Returning to Highland in 1991, with a pick-up truck, a camera, a guitar, a sailboat and his cat, he quickly found the boat ramp at Poughkeepsie. He learned the River that Flows Both Ways – Muhheakantuck; and that the wind was fickle and the tide was both predictable and incessant. “Currents can be your friend or your enemy and, as in life, it’s best not to try to fool Mother Nature”.

Tugboats & Lighthouses

The Calendars

He became good at sailing a 14 foot wind-powered craft in all conditions.  From March to November, day and night the river was his domain. Most of all, he loved sailing under the abandoned Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge and encountering an array of commercial river traffic. This is where we always like to point out the serendipity of the story. Fullscreen capture 362016 73813 AM

You see, Jeff’s favorite subjects to   photograph was the abandoned Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge now known as Walkway Over the Hudson , and the commercial boats that travel the Hudson. He spent his time honing his technique, sailing into position, aiming his camera under the boom, steadying the tiller with his knee and making photographs. Soon he had quite a collection. He sells these photographs and produces calendars of the commercial boats he loves.  The tugboats are the most popular among captains, crew and family members as well as maritime transportation companies.

2 Jeffrey Anzevino Photography


Back in 2000, Jeff bought a larger boat and changed from film to digital cameras. That’s when Tug-Spotting became an obsession! He attributes sophisticated tracking equipment and junior high math to predict when tugboats will arrive at any given location! He also likes to bike ride on the Walkway Over the Hudson  for photos.

In the winter, he likes to wake up before sunrise and wait on freezing bridges to capture powerful tugs and barges crashing through the ice. During Summer, he dashes out to rendezvous with tugs out at the channel for wide angle up close and personal encounters. Follow his Hudson River and Tugboat photos on Facebook

6 Jeffrey Anzevino Photography

Let the river Do The Talking

in 1994, as a Geographic major at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Jeffrey was a DJ at a college radio  station. He took a course called Country Music in America and listened to the public radio station. He decided to express himself through music and bought a Dobro which is a wood-bodied single cone resonator guitar. Jeff was invited out onto the abandoned Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge with his band-mates to record the soundtrack for Dick Crensn’s documentary “Sittin On Top Of The World”. Soon after that, he wrote “The Hudson River Song” as a tribute to Pete Seeger, the Sloop Clearwater and everyone who works to restore the Hudson River and give it back to the people.

The Hudson River Song by Jeffrey Anzevino

Today, the Hudson River is cleaner. The abandoned bridge is now Walkway Over the Hudson, a fabulous park. Music and Photography are deeply ingrained in Jeff ‘s spirit and it gives him great pleasure to use both to convey his perceptive and love of the Hudson River.

1 Jeffrey Anzevino Photography


Jeffrey Anzevino’s photographs as well as some of his original songs written in celebration of the Hudson River will be featured at  Underground Coffee & Ales in Highland. The exhibit is called “The Hudson River: Images & Music” and the opening reception is Sunday, March 13th from 2-4pm.  The Music will be performed by Jeff’s band Rich Hines & The Hillbilly Drifters   a bluesy bluegrass band.

HR Sloops Jeffrey Anzevino Photography

Jeff will also donate the sale of a 20×30 canvas print “Mother Shop & Spawn” to Hudson River Sloop Clearwater’s “Float the Boat” program and will donate a 20×20 canvas print to Walkway as a silent auction item.

Jeffrey Anzevino

Jeffrey Anzevino – A Hudson Valley Photographer, Songwriter and Founder of the Hudson Valley Bluegrass Association.

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Tim Hetrick: Tugboats + Mohonk & More! A Hudson Valley Photographer

Two years ago, Tim Hetrick got his dream job as the Superintendent of Parks and Grounds at Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz. But, that’s not where I met him. I met Tim through a wonderful photo I saw on his  Twitter of a tugboat.  Then we talked, and he told me about his photos on Flicker  and of course he’s on Facebook 

Tim Hetrick Photography

Photography has always been a interest and contributed to his career. During an internship in 1999, at Hamilton Farm Golf Club in New Jersey he was required to take photos for a power point presentation. He took photos with film; a rarity for the times, but it was that undertaking that propelled him to dive further into photography. Given his profession, he is mostly outdoors and surrounded by natural beauty.

Tim Hetrick Photography


More Serendipity! Tim’s hometown of Rocky Ridge, Ohio is just a few miles from Lake Erie.  He was always drawn to water sources and got his passion for the water from his father who was in the Navy.  Almost from birth, he began exposing him to tugboats and Coast Guard boats.   As a family they spent a great deal of time on his father’s boat fishing.  Always passing various vessels and being in constant awe of them.  It was not just their tremendous size or prowess but rather so many questions that their passing compelled him to think about: where were they going, where did they come from, what size crew was on boat, what was their purpose.

Tim Hetrick Photography

Five Favorite Things To Photograph

Family, Commercial Boats, Agriculture, Plants and Landscape are his five favorite subjects.

Tim Hetrick PhotographyHe finds there is hidden beauty in each boat. whether a construction boat and the ripples it makes in the water of the surroundings in which it is passing by. His love of tugboats is seen on his flicker portfolio and social media pages. Tim acknowledges how tugboats help to shape America and tries to take photos in interesting areas that add to a unique back drop that can be industrial in appearance to mountains where it is taken. He also finds the color schemes to be eye-catching along with the subject matter they are towing.



Tim Hetrick Photography

Born and raised in Rocky Ridge, Ohio, a rural community near Lake Erie and surrounded by agriculture on a continual basis. He has a personal interest in both people and equipment that work tirelessly to provide our Nation and others with the food that we eat. He’s quick to point out ” When one photographs agriculture, they are in essence capturing the backbone of our Country – as there is no industry more important to us than farming”.

Tim Hetrick Photography

Black & White

Tim Hetrick Photography

Tim is naturally drawn to black & white photography. When the correct light, mood and subject matter all align. He cannot resist capturing the subject matter.  He admits, he always takes black and white from the view finder and never converts it from color. He likes to see it as black and white when he takes the photo. Photography is a hobby and not a profession. A family man and father of two young boys his time is devoted to work as well as coaching his sons baseball and soccer teams. When he has the opportunity, he takes his camera along  on a hike when he’s able to get away from the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature.  He also has been very lucky! Fox News New York and Sony have used his photographs in their newscasts and marketing.

Tim Hetrick PhotographyDream Project

Capturing the  industrial history of the Hudson Valley is his dream project.  Abandoned factories that are being razed for new development. Some of these industrial complexes occurred during the industrial revolution or just after and significantly changed the way of life in the United States helping to propel us into an industrial powerhouse. I would love to capture the remaining structures that exist within the Hudson Valley so they are preserved for generations to come.

Tim Hetrick Photography


Tim Hetrick Photography

Tim Hetrick PhotographyBe sure to follow Tim Hetrick Photography on his social media platforms. He is planning an exhibit soon! In the meantime, you can reach out to him directly if you are interested in purchasing a photo through his social media platforms and some of his photos will also be available to purchase in early spring at Dedrick’s Pharmacy and Gifts in New Paltz.

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