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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last 20 or so years…You may not know there are bad seeds out there!

Bad seeds that are genetically modified and cause all kind of health repercussions.

Then there are the Good Seeds!

In Ulster County, Ken Green was a librarian at the Gardiner Public Library in 2004. He developed a strong interest in preserving  Heirloom seed varieties. He decided to add them to the library  catalog. His goal was to have library patrons “check them out” and grow them in their own gardens and then return saved seeds at the end of the season. The program was a small,  but successful. It was one of the first of it’s kind in the country! Four years later, Ken and his partner Doug Muller decided to turn the library into a mission driven, homestead-based business.

Today, eleven years after it’s conception at a Hudson Valley small town library, Ken & Doug travel to flower and garden shows from Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle  and beyond  with a marketplace booth selling organic certified heirloom seeds from their farm and other local farms here in the Hudson Valley.

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The Hudson Valley Seed Library has the ABC’s of vegetables. Arugula, beans, chard, Okra, tomatoes and watermelon just to name a few of the 35 different varieties of vegetables. 45 different herbs are available. Annuals like a variety of basil including basil: cinnamon, black cumin and mammoth long island dill. For everlasting garden to table perennial seasonings you’ll find Anise Hyssop which makes a lovely tea, garlic chives, echinacea, german Thyme, Greek oregano and more. They also have a hearty variety of flower seeds which include a large selection of sunflowers, zinnias,  and 100+ types of Annuals and perennials.

Hudson Valley Seed library offers their seeds online, be sure to get their catalog or visit the website to view stores in states that carry these seeds. Locally, in the Hudson Valley you can find them at Adams Fairacre Farms. You can also order directly from the website where you will also find an online store that includes gardening tools and supplies, gifts, artwork and more!

Each Spring Hudson Valley Seed library commissions artists to create original works of art which are then used to illustrate their heirloom seed packs. Click this link to view the packets since 2008

Be sure to check their website as they travel across the country from one flower show to another. In addition if you would like to participate at a flower show or at their farm in Accord, tell them THE Hudson Valley Story sent you and email them at mail at to coordinate. Workshops are also available here in the Hudson Valley so check the website for the up coming 2015 season.

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